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9 Reasons to Use Digital Tickets in Your Event Planning



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Are you planning an event? If so, digital tickets are the way to go! Event planners and attendees can enjoy a seamless, hassle-free experience with contactless ticketing. 

From reducing the risk of counterfeiting to providing real-time updates and tracking, digital tickets offer many benefits over traditional paper cards. 

Why should you create and distribute mobile tickets? What software can you use for this purpose?

In this blog post, we’ll explore the advantages of digital tickets and explain how they make your event more successful. We will also explain how PassKit, our event solution, enables you to create and distribute mobile tickets in minutes. You can start a 45-day free trial to test all features now.

Let’s start with some basic information.

What is a digital ticket?

mobile ticket

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A digital ticket is an electronic version of a traditional paper ticket that provides attendees with a convenient, safe way to access events. 

Rather than worrying about losing paper tickets or carrying them around, attendees can use e-tickets through a mobile device, either by displaying a QR code or a dedicated app at the event location.

As an event organizer, you can quickly sell tickets online since you no longer have to worry about distributing physical tickets.

How do attendees purchase digital tickets?

To purchase a digital ticket, attendees typically need to visit the website of the event organizer or ticket seller and find the event they want to attend. 

From there, they can select the number of tickets they want to purchase and go through the checkout process, which usually involves entering their personal and payment information. 

Once the purchase is complete, the digital tickets will be sent to the email associated with the attendee’s account, and they can either print them out or access them on their mobile device to show at the event. 

Some ticket sellers or event organizers may also offer the option to download the tickets directly to a mobile wallet, such as Apple Wallet or Google Wallet, for even easier access.

How do digital tickets work?

digital ticketing

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When attendees purchase a digital ticket, they typically receive a unique QR code via email or text message. Your event staff can scan this code at the event entrance to quickly and securely verify the attendee’s identity and grant them access.

As an event organizer, you can easily track and manage attendance in real-time, avoid overcrowding, and identify potential issues or irregularities with ticket sales or redemption.

Are mobile tickets safe?

Yes, mobile tickets are generally safe to use. Event attendees can store and access these tickets in a secure digital wallet, such as Apple Wallet or Google Wallet, using their unique credentials. 

It helps prevent unauthorized access and ensures that only the person who purchased the tickets can use them. In addition, many event organizers and ticket sellers use encrypted systems to protect attendees’ personal and payment information, which helps prevent identity theft and fraud. 

Of course, it’s always a good idea for attendees to be cautious and to only purchase tickets from reputable sources to help ensure the security of their transactions.

Since we covered the basics, let’s explore the benefits of using e-tickets for your next event.

Nine reasons to create digital tickets for your events

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The event planning industry is quickly transitioning to digital tickets, and it is easy to see why. Let’s take a closer look at the top nine reasons you should consider creating mobile tickets for your next event.

1. Increased convenience 

Digital tickets are transmitted electronically, meaning customers can easily buy tickets online or receive e-tickets on their smartphones. It eliminates the need to wait in long lines at the box office or travel to the pick-up point and reduces the risk of misplacing or damaging traditional paper tickets.

2. Greater flexibility

Attendees can swiftly and effortlessly transfer, resell or pass mobile tickets to friends or family if they can’t attend the event. It helps you decrease the number of unclaimed or unused tickets.

3. Enhanced marketing opportunities 

You can use digital tickets to deliver personalized and targeted marketing messages to attendees, promote your events and increase ticket sales.

4. Increased interactivity 

You can integrate mobile tickets with event apps and social media, allowing attendees to easily share their feedback and connect with other participants at the event. It helps you create a more engaging and immersive event experience.

5. Greater efficiency

With e-tickets, you can streamline the event check-in process, reducing the need for hand-to-hand contact and manual ticket scanning and speeding up the entry process. It helps you improve the overall flow of the event and reduce bottlenecks.

6. Reduced costs

Because digital tickets are delivered and accessed electronically, there is no need for printing and distributing physical tickets. It eliminates the cost of printing and the labor associated with ticket distribution. You can also save on ticket distribution fees that third-party vendors may charge. 

7. Increased sustainability

Mobile tickets reduce paper waste and the emissions of transporting and distributing physical tickets. Since e-tickets can be easily transferred or resold, people are less likely to throw or discard unused tickets, thus saving the environment.

8. Improved data tracking 

You can easily track who has purchased tickets and attended an event using unique codes or tracking systems associated with each e-ticket. This information can be valuable if you want to collect data on your audience and make data-driven decisions about your events. 

9. Increased scalability 

Rather than managing and distributing physical tickets, digital tickets make it quick and easy to share entry rights with multiple people if you’re organizing a big event. It can save you time, hassle, and labor costs, allowing you to focus on the other details of your event.

In conclusion, event planners can reduce ticketing costs, improve security, and provide customers with an easy and convenient way to purchase tickets. Digital tickets are quickly becoming the preferred choice for event planners and their customers, but how to create, promote and distribute your event tickets? 

You can start using PassKit, our all-in-one event solution. Let’s dive into details and explain how it works.

How PassKit boosts your event planning and mobile ticket creation

PassKit event marketing software

PassKit is our SaaS platform that helps you create, manage, distribute, and track digital tickets. You can customize their appearance to fit your brand and integrate e-tickets with other systems. 

Whether selling tickets for a concert, sporting event, or another special occasion, PassKit helps you streamline your ticketing process, increase visibility and boost sales.

Since our all-in-one platform covers all your needs, you don’t have to build a custom app for your events. With PassKit, you can use a multichannel distribution across all brand touchpoints to provide a connected customer experience.

PassKit event analytics

PassKit offers detailed data about your customers and their behavior, such as location, the time of their visit, and what they did during the event. 

With this rich data, you can adjust your offering in real-time to meet attendees’ needs better. It means you can be agile and responsive to their interests, building better relationships and increasing customer loyalty.

How PassKit works from an attendee’s perspective

digital ticket

When a customer purchases a ticket for an event, they will receive a digital ticket they can access on their smartphone through an email with a QR code, SMS, or a website link and save using Apple Wallet and Google Wallet.

Customers can view the ticket details and additional information, such as venue, location, date, seat number, section, gate, and similar. 

The customer can use their digital ticket to gain entry to the event or for other purposes, such as redeeming food and beverage vouchers or accessing exclusive areas at the event.

You can share relevant information during the event with location-based alerts, targeted messages, or push notifications to keep your attendees updated and engaged and provide a personalized customer experience.

10 reasons to start using PassKit for digital ticketing

digital ticketing

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PassKit helps you maximize the impact of your event or experience and create unforgettable memories for everyone involved. Here are some reasons to start using our solution.

  1. It saves you time and effort by providing you with an off-the-shelf solution that is ready to use and does not require additional setup or configuration.
  2. There is no need for significant upfront investment in hardware or software licenses. You can pay PassKit on a subscription basis, which makes it more affordable and flexible.
  3. It reduces printing and distribution costs of physical tickets and provides tools and features to create and customize digital tickets, including tracking and managing ticket sales.
  4. It allows you to distribute digital tickets to customers through various digital channels, making it easy for customers to access and manage their tickets on their smartphones.
  5. It provides a convenient and seamless way for customers to attend events, as they can use their digital tickets and passes to gain entry and access other services at the event.
  6. It helps you manage capacity and prevent over-selling tickets, as you can track and drive ticket sales in real-time.
  7. It can integrate with other systems, such as mobile payment systems, to provide customers with a more seamless and convenient experience.
  8. It can provide valuable data on digital tickets, such as event details, ticket details, customer details, transaction details, and usage data.
  9. It increases the security of your events, helps you prevent fraud, and ensures that only authorized attendees are allowed to enter the event.
  10. It helps you reduce your environmental impact by eliminating the use of paper and other resources for physical tickets.

These reasons make PassKit an ideal solution for event organizers looking to move away from paper tickets and create a more efficient and convenient way for their customers to attend events.

Increase attendee experience with digital tickets

Mobile tickets can significantly enhance the attendee experience at events. They are convenient, easy to use, and offer additional features such as customizable QR codes, the ability to transfer tickets, and real-time updates on event information. 

By implementing digital ticketing, you can make events more successful. 

PassKit provides comprehensive analytics and all the tools you need to make personalized promotions and targeted campaigns to give your customers exactly what they need to make them feel special. 

It helps you develop meaningful connections, maximize interaction, and engage people before, during, and after your events. 

Start your 45-day free trial to enjoy all benefits.

FAQs about digital tickets

How do I access my digital tickets?

We will discuss how to access e-tickets and mobile tickets. 


  1. Enter your account using your laptop or computer
  2. Log in with the details you used to purchase your ticket
  3. Click the account icon and look for your orders
  4. Click “print ticket.” You must have Adobe Reader to get your printed tickets.

Mobile tickets:

  1. Open the recommended ticket app using your phone
  2. Enter your credentials
  3. Locate your order
  4. Tap your ticket and show your ticket for scanning 

What is a digital ticket called?

A digital ticket is also known as an electronic ticket or e-ticket. It allows you to access an event using your smartphone or another electronic device. 

What is a digital ticket system?

It’s an online platform for managing all event ticket-related tasks. Vendors use digital ticketing systems to 

  • Set tickets prices
  • Choose a ticketing delivery method
  • Setup ticketing payment methods like Google Wallet
  • Sell multiple tickets on-site and online 
  • Track event attendance
  • Monitor ticket sales and consumer trends in real-time 

Event-goers also use digital ticketing systems to buy their preferred tickets, get live updates from event organizers, and keep an eye on upcoming events. 

How do digital concert tickets work?

Events use mobile ticketing. You’ll buy your ticket via an app or site. Then the vendor will send you a unique barcode via your mobile device. The personnel at the gate will scan your phone at the entry point.

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