What Is Apple Wallet?

Lukas O'Neill

Lukas O'Neill

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The world is becoming increasingly contactless as more customers and companies move away from cash and other physical payment modes. Apple Wallet is a popular example of the remote buyer trend — where shoppers can purchase what they want, when they want it, without any fuss in between. 

Apple Wallet is pre-installed with every iOS device, enabling users to tap on its features straight out of the box. Apple Wallet allows secure storage of credit cards and brand membership cards for an optimized customer experience. Apple Wallet syncs with Apple Pay, providing users with a seamless way to manage their purchases. 

Essentially, Apple Wallet serves as one-stop storage for digital versions of physical cards and tickets that come with advanced encryption features linked to a registered Apple account. Since Apple Wallet is an application on the iPhone they significantly reduce the risks of users losing their valuable card information.  Not to mention the added convenience this provides. 

Apple Wallet Loyalty Cards 

Loyalty programs help brands establish strong connections with their most valuable customers, which drives retention. And many brands believe that gaining a new customer is up to five times costlier than following up with a regular patron. 

Additionally, Apple wallet loyalty programs are easier to deploy and manage than proprietary applications. For starters, users can quickly download a pass (the digital tickets of your loyalty programs) and start enjoying the perks without needing storage space or an internet connection. 

Another common problem with loyalty apps is the need for manual updates that may compromise your user’s experience. Busy customers may lack time to head over to their mobile store for an update (which occupies more space on their devices) and may instead delete or leave the app outdated and inaccessible. 

Apple Wallet loyalty programs sync automatically, so customers can look forward to using the latest version with every log in, without disruption. Additionally, you may schedule an alert notification that informs customers of the latest changes (i.e., new discounts, offers, etc.), so they can optimize their pass-using experience. 

In some situations, poor internet connectivity may restrict app access. However, Apple wallet passes are digital assets that customers can view anytime. The feature works especially well when customers visit a physical premise, where they can present their wallet passes to service staff and redeem their loyalty discounts without mobile connectivity. 

Apple Wallet Loyalty Solutions – Paving the Way Forward

Apple is a brand known for its user-friendliness, making it highly endearing to hordes of devoted users. Many apps come with iOS devices, including iMessage, Apple Wallet, Photos, and AppleTV. Therefore, users already have most of what they need from the start of the user journey with Apple. 

Specifically, your modern iPhone-using customers seek convenience — unmatched convenience that comes with advanced digitization. Your shopper is more likely to seek instant gratification from a single tap on their Apple Wallet than to download an application. Many other conveniences come with Apple Wallet passes aside from its quick start. 

For example, you may display the download barcodes and links to your Apple Wallet passes on official websites, emails, or chat messages (i.e., chatbot). The varied options drive frictionless loyalty marketing initiatives that reach your customers with speed and efficiency. 

So the question remains: what is the Apple Wallet? It is a powerful tool in modern commerce. And most importantly, it is an opportunity for your brand to connect with customers consistently and securely with the most engaging loyalty programs.  


PassKit – Quality Apple Wallet Passes 

PassKit provides a systematic approach to creating Apple Wallet passes without delay. Our platform guides you through various stages of pass creation, from selecting professional images to setting the lock screen icon and logo. You will have the tools and support to leave the best impression on your Apple-using customers without speculation. 

We will also ensure that your loyalty programs cater to Android users, who comprise a majority of mobile users (over 2.5 billion worldwide). PassKit’s Android pass design template makes your loyalty programs as equally accessible and professional as their Apple Wallet counterparts. We leave no stone unturned in enhancing your customer outreach and loyalty campaigns. 

With PassKit, you can customize and personalize the design of your customer loyalty passes, either by selecting a preset image from our stunning gallery or uploading original artwork.

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