Why Should I Use a Digital Loyalty Card?

Lukas O'Neill

Lukas O'Neill

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Why Should I Use a Digital Loyalty Card?

A customer loyalty program is crucial for any modern business. Exclusive perks and offers make your customers feel special and give them an additional reason to choose your brand over the competition. Specifically, when brands talk about customer loyalty programs these days, they refer to the digital kind. 

Gone are the days of punch tickets, coupons, or plastic membership cards. It is common to lose those physical items — plus, they were never healthy for the environment. But the newfound convenience merely grazes the surface of the full benefits of digital loyalty cards. There’s so much more that they provide for your business, especially in the increasingly mobile and contactless landscape. 

Personalized Experiences 

It’s no longer a secret that modern customers favor personalized experiences. According to Accenture, 91 percent of customers are more likely to shop with brands that promote relevant offers and recommendations tailored to them.

For a business to provide said personalized experiences, there’s a need to understand shopping preferences. A digital customer loyalty card will provide your business with real-time information on shopper behavior, based on the discounts and offers they choose.

For example, a cafe customer who regularly uses cappuccino and mocha discounts will likely find more interest in coffee rather than tea products. Gradually, by collating customer analytics, you’ll have the means to come up with the most appealing offers every time and eliminate some of the guesswork.

Benefit From an “Always on Our Mind” Approach

It is always a good feeling to be remembered, which modern customers will appreciate dearly. A simple birthday greeting email or a friendly text reminder to check out the latest offers can go a long way. Going the extra mile in engaging customers gives the impression that you value them as people before all else.

While it is tedious (and impossible for large businesses) to keep track of every customer — like their birthdays and shopping cart status — manually, digital loyalty programs make it a breeze. Customer loyalty platforms enable you to automate notifications based on customer data, creating a self-running process while you focus on other aspects of your business.

Unmatched Accessibility

Going contactless has become a rule rather than an exception in the modern economy. Besides health safety reasons, contactless solutions like a digital loyalty card make it near-effortless to handle transactions without worrying about change and other physical hindrances.

Modern customers are more likely to use a digital wallet these days rather than carrying cash — and a digital loyalty card fits in just fine. Based on findings from Transparency Market Research, the mobile payment technologies market around the globe may increase at a CAGR of 20.5 percent between the years 2016 and 2024.

One crucial market observation comes from the rise of spending power in millennials as they become the majority in the workforce. Millennials spend a great deal of time on their mobile phones and generally stay connected on the web. They are more likely to engage with digital loyalty programs if reward details remain accessible via their smartphones.

Open Communication

Traditional businesses faced an invisible wall between themselves and the customer. That’s how advertising came about, to spread a message about the product or service and its benefits. While ads and marketing sold the goods, they don’t exactly convey transparency and sincerity.

Digital loyalty cards and programs attempt to reverse the situation by providing a direct communication channel between app users and brand reps or service staff. Rather than waiting seemingly forever for a response to a submitted ticket, customers can receive help in a matter of minutes.

Communication is vital in every relationship, and the digital era provides countless tools to strengthen the rapport with your valued customers.

The PassKit Experience 

A digital loyalty program seems like the natural direction for modern businesses, but there are some things to consider before rolling yours out. First, and most importantly, there’s the question of managing a standalone app or software. While a standalone program adds professionalism to your branding, there are two major pain points with this approach.

You’ll need to spend an exorbitant sum on setting up and managing the customer loyalty API. Then there’s the tricky part about convincing customers to download the app, which might require a separate campaign budget altogether. Also, if you’re going mobile (highly recommended) with your customer loyalty program, there are two main groups of users: Android and iOS, each with varying app requirements.

PassKit, our customer loyalty software, eliminates all the hassle by providing a smooth and seamless loyalty program that integrates with Apple Wallet and Google Pay. By using Apple Wallet and Google Pay loyalty cards your business taps into the trust customers already have with those apps. Also, should you want to, PassKit makes it super easy to integrate conveniently with your accounting and POS systems. Ultimately providing you a comprehensive solution of the same pedigree as Starbucks (who have spent hundreds of millions of dollars developing).

The PassKit platform powers millions of loyalty program passes every day across various verticals, including food chains and hotels.

There are two easy ways to get started. You may choose from a range of beautifully rendered preset themes or upload unique visuals for your campaign. Either way, you can look forward to launching your loyalty program in no time with minimal cost.

Visit PassKit for more information on how you can start building quality relationships with your customers to elevate your brand today!

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