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What is the Best Loyalty Reward App in 2024?



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As a business owner, you understand the significance of customer loyalty in driving growth and revenue. One practical way to build and maintain customer loyalty is through a loyalty reward program. 

The right loyalty reward app can help you retain customers, increase sales, and boost customer satisfaction. Selecting the right loyalty program app that aligns with your business goals and caters to your customers’ needs is critical. 

However, with countless loyalty reward apps available in the market, choosing the right one can take time and effort. 

Don’t worry; we’re here to help! 

In this article, we will guide you through selecting the best loyalty reward app for your business. We will also share a list of the best loyalty reward apps available to make your selection process easier and ensure you reap the maximum benefits from your loyalty program.

Let’s dive in.

What is a loyalty reward app?

loyalty reward app

Image source: Scandiweb

A loyalty reward app is a digital solution businesses use to track and motivate customer purchases, encouraging repeat business. These platforms offer a variety of rewards such as discounts, cash back, points, or other benefits in return for customer loyalty.  

To participate in a customer loyalty program, consumers typically need to:

  • Register an account
  • Collect points based on purchases
  • Redeem points for discounts, services, or products

Mobile loyalty apps replace traditional loyalty cards, making it easier and more convenient for customers to participate. With loyalty apps, customers can accumulate points or rewards using their smartphone whenever they interact with your brand.

Typical features you might find in these apps include:

  • Dashboard to view points and rewards
  • Offers to access special promotions
  • Profile management to update personal data
  • Rewards catalog to browse available rewards
  • Transaction history to track spending and reward earnings

Loyalty reward apps benefit the consumer by saving money and acquiring bonuses and help businesses by fostering customer retention and gathering valuable purchasing data. 

You can leverage this data to understand customers’ spending habits and tailor offerings accordingly, ensuring a win-win situation for both parties.

How to choose the best loyalty reward app

When on the hunt for an optimal loyalty reward app, your primary focus should be on selecting a tool that will nurture and enhance your customer loyalty. 

Your chosen app should feel like a natural extension of your brand, aligning with your customers’ needs and values.

Identify core features:

  • Ease of use: Apps with an intuitive interface encourage repeat use among your customers, fostering brand loyalty.
  • Rewards versatility: Look for apps offering a mix of reward options like discounts, exclusive offers, and points-based systems to cater to a wide demographic of loyal customers.
  • Personalization: Select apps that allow for personalized experiences, which can make customers feel valued and, in turn, strengthen customer loyalty.
  • Integration: The app should seamlessly connect with your existing tech stack to ensure a smooth user experience.
  • Compatibility: Your chosen loyalty app should operate fluidly across various devices and platforms to ensure all your customers can access it without inconvenience.
  • User reviews: Read current customer feedback to gauge the app’s effectiveness in maintaining and increasing customer loyalty. Positive reviews often reflect an app’s ability to meet customer expectations.
  • Customer support: An app backed by reliable and accessible support can mitigate user issues, contributing to a positive consumer experience.

Incorporating these considerations will guide you in selecting a loyalty rewards app that resonates with your customers and fortifies the relationship between them and your brand.

Now, let’s start with our list of the best loyalty program apps based on the abovementioned criteria.

The best loyalty reward apps you can start using this year

Choosing an app that aligns with your brand’s values and resonates with your target audience is essential for a successful loyalty program. By leveraging the right loyalty reward app, you can create a more engaging and rewarding shopping experience for your customers and increase your bottom line.

Here is our selection of the best loyalty reward apps you can use for customer loyalty programs.

1. PassKit

PassKit is a mobile wallet service platform that stands out as a versatile solution enabling you to shift effortlessly from traditional loyalty systems to a digital environment. 

As a comprehensive customer loyalty platform, PassKit allows you to create digital loyalty cards, mobile membership cards, coupons and various digital passes you can integrate with widely-used mobile wallets like Apple and Google Wallet.

With PassKit, you can provide a modern and contactless shopping experience that simplifies and enhances how you retain and reward customers.

Start a 45-day free trial to test all features now.

User reviews

Users have highlighted the ease of creating digital passes and the responsiveness of PassKit’s support team as significant advantages. Customers also praise the platform’s efficiency in delivering loyalty solutions, contributing positively to customer retention rates.

Key features

PassKit loyalty reward app features
  • Multi-industry coverage: PassKit is a loyalty program app used in various industries such as retail, hospitality, travel, and entertainment, enabling effortless design and management of customer incentive programs.
  • Pass Designer: PassKit offers templates for loyalty cards, membership cards, coupons, and mobile wallet passes that align with Google and Apple guidelines. Use the drag-and-drop interface in the Pass Designer to create visually appealing loyalty reward cards that match your branding.
  • Loyalty program management: Our loyalty program management software delivers a comprehensive solution for managing personalized customer loyalty programs. You can easily set up and customize compensation structures and rules, monitor customer activity, and manage member profiles from one centralized location.
  • Mobile wallet APIs and SDKs: PassKit simplifies the integration of rewards programs for small business with widely used platforms such as Apple and Google Wallet. Customers can easily store and access loyalty program cards and rewards on mobile devices.
  • PassReader Scanning App: You can use this app to quickly validate loyalty customer cards and track redemption activity for a smooth experience on iOS and Android.
  • Automated rewards: You can integrate PassKit with marketing automation tools and set rules and triggers to reward your customers automatically, keep them engaged and encourage repeat purchases.
  • Multichannel distribution: PassKit allows easy distribution of mobile loyalty cards through various offline and online channels like email, SMS, social media, and websites. Customers can add cards to their mobile wallets with a single tap, increasing engagement.
  • Push notifications: Customers can receive personalized messages via mobile devices. It includes updates, promotions, and offers to keep them participating in your loyalty program.
  • Location-based alerts: PassKit’s geolocation technology sends targeted notifications to customers near a specific location. You can send relevant offers or reminders to increase foot traffic and drive in-store visits.
  • Real-time analytics and reporting: Optimizing loyalty programs requires access to customer engagement, redemption rates, and program performance data. PassKit helps you measure strategy effectiveness with confidence thanks to its customer loyalty analytics.
  • Multi-language support: Providing loyalty passes and cards in multiple languages is an excellent way to cater to a diverse customer base and offer a personalized experience, resulting in increased satisfaction.

Don’t miss the chance to boost customer loyalty and profits. 

Start a 45-day free trial and create your rewards program now.


PassKit loyalty reward app pricing
  • Pay-as-you-grow: Begin without upfront costs and only pay based on your usage.
  • Economical management: Control your membership cards at a minimal yearly cost.


  • Speed to market: Quickly launch your loyalty program with a pay-as-you-go approach.
  • High reliability: Count on a platform with a 99.5% uptime SLA.


  • Platform dependency: Relies on users’ adoption of mobile wallets for full functionality.

Unlock the full potential of your business with PassKit. Sign up now and create customizable passes to engage and delight your customers. 

Don’t wait any longer to improve your customer experience and drive more sales. 

Start a 45-day free trial now.

2. Loopy Loyalty

Loopy Loyalty is a mobile loyalty app designed to elevate consumer engagement by bringing loyalty stamp cards to smartphones, offering a cost-effective and paperless solution to traditional loyalty programs.

Loopy Loyalty enables you to create digital stamp cards that live in your customers’ Apple Wallet and Google Wallet, making it easy for them to access your rewards program, collect stamps, and redeem rewards whenever they are at your business. 

With a setup done in minutes and no credit card required to start, it offers a convenient way for companies to connect with their customers.

User reviews

Loopy Loyalty pros

Image source: Capterra

Users praise Loopy Loyalty for its ease of setup and cost savings, favoring the digital approach over traditional physical cards. 

Businesses report that the platform is straightforward for staff to use and has streamlined their loyalty rewards system, particularly highlighting the contactless stamping feature for promoting hygiene and safety.

Key features

Loopy Loyalty loyalty reward app features
  • Manage loyalty programs: Effortlessly create and manage a digital loyalty program that allows customers to earn virtual stamps with each purchase.
  • Digital punch card templates: Design loyalty punch cards with customizable templates that match your brand’s visual identity.
  • Integration with mobile wallets: Make digital punch cards easily accessible on customers’ smartphones by integrating with popular digital wallets.
  • Single and multi-rewards: Offer single or multiple rewards when customers reach the threshold and choose rewards that align with your program budget.
  • Locations: Add your business locations and send automated alerts to drive foot traffic and engage customers when they’re nearby.
  • Terms and conditions: Communicate the regulations and guidelines that govern your loyalty program to your customers. 
  • Lock-screen notifications: Increase the effectiveness of marketing campaigns by sending targeted messages directly to customers’ lock screens. 
  • Multichannel distribution: Share your digital business cards seamlessly across multiple channels, including SMS, email, websites, and social media platforms.
  • Stamper app: Streamline the reward redemption process by swiftly scanning virtual punch cards using the Stamper app, which is available for iOS and Android.
  • Web stamper: Allow customers to redeem rewards online via the stamper tool for enhanced convenience and accessibility.
  • Data collection: Refine your loyalty program and optimize marketing strategies by acquiring valuable insights and customer data.
  • ROI tracking: Gauge the success of your loyalty program with comprehensive ROI tracking to ensure it generates tangible benefits for your business.
  • Analytics: Gain insights into program performance and customer behavior with real-time data.


Loopy Loyalty pricing

Loopy Loyalty operates on a ‘try before you buy’ model, allowing businesses to start a trial without asking for credit card details. The platform provides unlimited transactions, cards, stamps, and push messages under its pricing plan, with details available upon sign-up.


  • Always accessible: Loyalty stamp cards on customer phones mean they are less likely to be lost or forgotten.
  • Reduced costs: Eliminates the need for physical card printing and distribution.
  • Real-time insights: Offers a comprehensive view of customer interactions with your loyalty program.


  • Platform limitations: Location-based messages are currently compatible only with iPhone/Apple Wallet.
  • Internet dependency: Requires internet access for both businesses and customers to manage and utilize the loyalty program effectively.

3. Airship

Airship loyalty reward app

Image source: G2

Airship is an app experience platform designed to maximize the potential of mobile apps for businesses. 

It serves various industries, including travel, media, entertainment, sports, retail, finance, and telecommunications. This solution helps you create personalized user experiences to make every interaction meaningful and boost customer loyalty.

Check out our article on Airship competitors for more information.

User reviews

Airship reviews

Image source: G2

Users appreciate Airship’s capacity to deliver personalized engagements, with many noting positive impacts on customer satisfaction and retention. Reviews highlight its effectiveness in communications across different industries.

Key features

Airship features
  • Adaptive link technology: Distribution of wallet passes via email, SMS, or other engagement channels.
  • Personalization: Integration with systems-of-record to pull relevant customer information.
  • Engagement prompts: Trigger notifications based on specific events, such as a coupon nearing expiration or a loyalty card status update.


Airship pricing

Airship offers customized pricing based on your enterprise’s specific needs. Inquiries for detailed pricing structures are encouraged to ensure a tailored solution for your business.


  • Industry versatility: Suits various sectors with specialized engagement strategies.
  • Customer-centric: Focuses on building lasting customer relationships.
  • Proven track record: Has shown reliability during critical, high-demand periods.


  • Complexity: Might require a learning curve for those new to customer engagement platforms.
  • Customized pricing: Lacks immediately available pricing information, necessitating a consultation.

4. Vibes Media

Vibes Media loyalty reward app

Vibes Media is an intelligent mobile engagement platform that unites various forms of mobile messaging to maximize customer engagement for global enterprise brands. 

Leveraging SMS, MMS, and mobile wallets, Vibes Media focuses on creating long-term customer relationships and enhancing business revenue growth.

It stands out as a Tier 1 messaging aggregator, maintaining direct connections with every US carrier, underscoring its reliability and delivery speed.

Check out our article on Vibes competitors to learn more.

User reviews

Vibes Media user reviews

Image source: G2

Customers of Vibes Media emphasize the platform’s ability to deliver comprehensive and timely customer experiences and praise its personalized customer support.

Key features

  • Intelligent automation: Streamlines messaging for effective customer engagement.
  • Direct carrier connections: Ensures fast and compliant message delivery.
  • Mobile wallet integration: Synchronizes digital offers with physical locations.
  • Robust analytics: Provides clear measurement and attribution for mobile campaigns.


Vibes Media pricing

Vibes Media offers customized pricing based on the specific needs of a business’s mobile engagement strategy. Interested parties are encouraged to get in touch directly to discuss requirements and receive a tailored quote.


  • High retention rates: Clients see over 97% retention in their mobile audience.
  • Customer service: Personalized support sets Vibes apart.
  • High ROI: A notable average return on investment for SMS campaign customers.


  • Steep learning curve: Some users may find the wealth of features overwhelming.
  • Cost: Custom solutions and premium features might not be suitable for all budgets.

5. Fivestars

Fivestars loyalty reward app

Image source: Capterra

Fivestars transforms regular payment systems into dynamic marketing tools. It leverages mobile technology to help you connect with a vast customer base and manage rewards and promotions effectively.

With Fivestars, you can tap into a significant consumer pool, engaging with over 70 million active users.

Read our article on Fivestars vs TapMango to see how these tools compare.

User reviews

Fivestars user reviews

Image source: G2

The Fivestars simplicity and efficiency have garnered positive feedback, with its ability to connect consumers with local businesses being a highlight.

Key features

  • POS integrations: Manage your loyalty program from a centralized location, streamlining the process and making it more efficient.
  • Personalized marketing campaigns: Deliver targeted offers to ensure buyers don’t forget about your company.
  • Push notifications, texts, and emails: Deliver promotional offers across multiple channels to reach potential customers.
  • Customer segmentation: Provide tailor-made promotions to specific audience groups.


Fivestars pricing

Fivestars offers flexible pricing models, starting from as low as $0/month and provides month-to-month contracts to maintain cost-effectiveness for business owners. 

However, precise pricing information is unavailable on the website. You need to contact Fivestars for more details.


  • Expansive reach to millions of shoppers who prefer local shopping.
  • Marketing messages direct to customers’ mobile phones.
  • Cost-effective pricing with flexible plans.


  • For some businesses, the digital focus may necessitate a technology learning curve.
  • Rewards and promotions are exclusive to businesses within the Fivestars network, which means that customers who are not part of the network may not be able to access these benefits.

6. Stamp Me

Stamp Me loyalty reward app

Stamp Me is a versatile, contactless loyalty solution, combining ease of use with a range of practical features to enhance customer engagement and retention.

Stamp Me offers a rewards program that merges the simplicity of traditional “Buy X, Get Y” loyalty cards with the convenience of a mobile app. 

This platform helps you foster customer loyalty and transform ordinary transactions into lasting relationships.

User reviews

Stamp Me user reviews

Image source: G2

Users praise Stamp Me for its user-friendly interface and effective loyalty rewards structure. Customers enjoy the ease with which they can collect rewards and stay engaged with businesses.

Key features

  • Digital stamp cards: Customers use smartphones to collect stamps and earn rewards.
  • Contactless solution: Ideal for maintaining hygiene standards and convenience.
  • Marketing tools: Send push notifications or SMS to connect with your customers.
  • Real-time tracking: View customer activities and loyalty levels instantly.
  • Seamless integration: Connect with CRM platforms for comprehensive management.


Stamp Me pricing

You can start using Stamp Me for free without any complicated setup. If you find the digital stamp card meets your needs, you can subscribe to one of the paid plans.


  • Cost-effective: Eliminates the need for physical cards and the associated costs.
  • Customer insights: Access to valuable data, including contact information and purchasing habits.
  • Direct communication: Engage with customers through in-app notifications to promote offers and rewards.
  • Customizable rewards: Tailor your loyalty program to fit your business needs and branding.


  • Digital dependence: Requires customers to have access to a smartphone.
  • Learning curve: Some users may need time to adapt from physical cards to a digital platform.

7. Yollty Loyalty App

Yollty loyalty reward app

Image source: YouTube

Yollty Loyalty is a comprehensive digital loyalty platform serving physical and online stores. The platform allows businesses to foster customer relationships and encourage recurrent visits.

User reviews

Yollty user reviews

Image source: Capterra

Users of Yollty often praise its effectiveness in customer re-engagement and the tangible positive effect on revenue. With high delivery rates for push notifications and the capacity to understand customer behavior, business owners report improved communication with their audience.

Key features

Yollty loyalty reward app features
  • Customer database analysis: Gain insights into customer habits.
  • Push notifications: Reach customers directly with a 90% delivery rate.
  • Social media integration: Increase visibility on platforms like Google and Tripadvisor.
  • Digital referrals: Harness word of mouth to attract new customers.
  • Mobile app: Enhances user experience and engagement.


Yollty pricing

The app offers customized pricing to match the specific needs of your business, providing a tailored approach to your loyalty program requirements.


  • Targeted engagement: Strengthen bonds and encourage repeat business.
  • Analytical tools: Understand and predict customer patterns.
  • Direct communication: High success rate for message delivery via push notifications.
  • Referral system: Leverage loyal customers to attract new ones.
  • Enhanced online presence: Improve ratings and increase your brand’s ranking.


  • Dependency on tech: Less tech-savvy users may find initial setup challenging.
  • Optional app utilization: While not mandatory, the full benefits are available with the app adoption.

8. TapMango

TapMango loyalty reward app

Image source: Capterra

TapMango is a customer loyalty and online ordering platform for small and medium-sized businesses. It equips you with tools to launch a loyalty program comparable to large retailers in 30 minutes.

User reviews

TapMango user reviews

Image source: G2

Users have praised TapMango for its responsiveness and constant updates. Customer testimonials also reflect satisfaction with both the platform and the customer service received.

Key features

  • Marketing portal: Control campaigns and customer interactions.
  • Customer facing tablet: Enhances customer experience and serves as an admin panel.
  • Mobile app: Allows customers to monitor their rewards and access offers.
  • Branded keytags: Can be used as gift cards.
  • Partnerships and integrations: Compatible with major POS systems and partners like DoorDash and Square.


TapMango pricing

TapMango doesn’t share the pricing information on the official website. You can book a demo to learn more about this solution. Users on platforms like G2 report that TapMango has a contract-based system with monthly fees of around $400.


  • Quick setup: Takes approximately 30 minutes.
  • Flexibility: Seamless POS integrations.
  • Diverse marketing strategies: Including SMS, mobile push, and email.
  • Custom branding: Extends across all customer touchpoints.


  • Learning curve: Users may find the platform overwhelming at first due to its many features.
  • Pricing information: It’s not readily available and requires direct inquiry.

9. Talon One

Talon One loyalty reward app

Image source: G2

Talon One offers a loyalty and promotion engine for brands seeking improved revenue growth and margins. The platform supports the creation of personalized and scalable incentives such as discounts, referrals, loyalty rewards, and more. 

You can build dynamic programs without coding, enabling your team to launch tailored promotions efficiently.

To learn more about this solution, read our article on Talon.One vs Voucherify.

User reviews

Talon One user reviews

Many users report that Talon One’s user-friendly and efficient platform allows seamless integration with existing systems. The level of customization has been particularly praised, as it enhances the ability to target specific customer behaviors.

Key features

  • Personalization: Create offers based on real-time customer interactions.
  • Loyalty management: Evolve standard earn-and-burn schemes into advanced loyalty programs.
  • Rewards management: Access automatic coupon generation, referral systems, and bundling.
  • Pricing management: Automate markdowns and combine pricing with promotional strategies.


The cost of deploying Talon One within your business varies based on the scale and complexity of your promotions and loyalty programs. However, there is no detailed pricing information on the official website. You must contact Talon One directly to get a quote matching your needs.


  • Flexibility: Helpful engine for creating custom incentives.
  • No coding: Capable of handling intricate loyalty and promotional workflows without programming.
  • Seamless Integrations: Easily connects with your customer and SKU data.


  • Steep learning curve: It can be overwhelming for new users.
  • Pricing information: It’s not directly available and requires a consultation for a customized quote.

10. Voucherify

Voucherify loyalty reward app

Image source: G2

Voucherify is designed for an API-first approach, allowing businesses to create and manage promotion and loyalty programs. Its versatility comes from handling varied promotional scenarios without requiring extensive coding.

This promotion software is particularly suitable for enterprises looking to deploy personalized campaigns rapidly and at scale.

User reviews

Voucherify user reviews

Image source: Software Advice

Customers highlight Voucherify for its customization options, allowing campaigns to fit specific business needs. The platform is commended for its ease of use and for streamlining internal processes, which saves time and reduces costs.

Key features

  • Tailored campaigns: Create promotions with custom fields and triggers.
  • Scalability: Adapts to traffic spikes with automated scaling.
  • Granular control: Use a low-code Rules Builder for precise promotion logic.
  • API-first approach: Easily integrates with existing tech stacks.


Voucherify pricing

Voucherify offers value-based pricing, ensuring users only pay for the scale they need. The platform is GDPR and ISO27001-ready, catering to businesses with high security and privacy standards.


  • Customization: Offers extensive options for personalization.
  • Integrations: Compatible with numerous data sources and services.
  • Support: Provides dedicated support and a responsive customer service team.


  • Complexity: May be overwhelming for those new to promotion engine platforms.
  • Learning curve: Requires a certain level of technical knowledge to leverage all features fully.

The best loyalty reward app: PassKit digital loyalty solution

best loyalty reward app

PassKit is a comprehensive loyalty reward app that stands out for its innovative approach to customer engagement. It provides the tools to create a customizable loyalty program that reflects your brand’s identity. 

With PassKit, you can create digital cards with pre-made templates and tailor rewards to customers’ expectations, ensuring they feel valued and appreciated for their loyalty. 

best loyalty reward app

PassKit helps you integrate digital loyalty cards for mobile wallets in your business operations. The flexible loyalty points system allows you to decide how points are earned and redeemed.

It eliminates the need for physical cards, bringing convenience to your customers and ensuring they never miss out on collecting loyalty points and redeeming rewards, even if they forget their physical card at home.

You can increase your program’s visibility by promoting and distributing digital passes on offline and online channels, providing a connected customer experience.

best loyalty reward app

Push notifications and location-based alerts are some of the key features that will help you boost customer participation in your program.

With PassKit, you can also track customer behavior, engagement and ROI using its robust analytics to refine your program and increase retention.

best loyalty reward app analytics

PassKit integrates various POS and CRM systems and other business tools through Zapier and Make, making loyalty program management effortless. It is simple for customers and business owners, ensuring ease of use for all parties involved.

PassKit’s emphasis on customizable loyalty programs, the ability to earn and redeem points quickly, and rewarding customers to promote satisfaction and retention confidently leads the way as the superior choice for your loyalty reward app needs.

Start a 45-day free trial and enjoy all the benefits firsthand.

Conclusion about the best loyalty reward apps

In recent years, loyalty reward apps have proven to be a vital marketing tool for businesses. They increase customer retention, boost sales, and improve the bottom line. 

With the rise of mobile technology, businesses can leverage this trend by implementing loyalty reward apps into their business operations. 

PassKit stands out as the best solution of the various options available. It offers innovative features, is easy to use, and is affordable, making it a top choice for businesses of all sizes. 

So, if you don’t want to miss out on the chance to improve customer loyalty and increase sales, start your 45-day free trial with PassKit today.

FAQS about loyalty reward app

Loyalty reward apps offer a variety of benefits, from earning rewards to enhancing marketing strategies. Below are common questions to help you get the most out of these programs.

What is a loyalty reward program?

A loyalty reward program is a strategy businesses implement to incentivize repeat purchases by offering benefits to loyal customers. Your loyal buyers can earn rewards such as discounts, free products, or exclusive services.

Are loyalty card apps safe?

Most loyalty card apps employ standard security measures to protect customer’s personal information. However, it’s important to use apps from reputable companies, and you should always read the privacy policy before signing up for the service.

Do loyalty rewards programs work?

When effectively integrated into a company’s marketing strategies, loyalty rewards programs can increase customer retention and encourage frequent purchases. Consumers can benefit from consistently earning rewards through their purchases.

Are loyalty cards legal?

Loyalty cards are legal, but businesses must comply with various consumer protection laws and regulations governing privacy, data protection, and marketing representations to ensure they operate their loyalty programs legally.

How do loyalty apps make money?

Loyalty apps typically make money through partnerships with retailers, advertising, transaction fees, or by offering premium features for a fee. They create value for businesses and loyalty members by driving sales and encouraging repeat business.

Read our guide to learn how do loyalty programs make money.

How much does it cost to have a loyalty app?

The cost of implementing a loyalty app varies based on the features offered, the provider, and the scale of the rewards program. Some apps offer free versions, while others require a subscription fee or a percentage of sales.

Read our guide to learn how much does a loyalty program cost.

What is the success rate of loyalty programs?

The success rate of loyalty programs can vary, but programs that offer tangible value and understand customer motivations tend to be more successful. Rewards programs with personalized offers and simple redemption processes have higher engagement and success rates.

How big is the loyalty rewards industry?

The loyalty rewards industry was valued at USD 5660.54 million in 2022 and is expected to expand at a CAGR of 12.74% during the forecast period, reaching USD 11621.73 million by 2028, with businesses investing in loyalty programs as a key part of their customer retention and engagement strategies. The industry includes a wide range of sectors, from retail to travel.

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