6 Loyalty Card Templates [Get Your Card Designed in Just 2 Minutes]



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Do you want to reward your regular customers and inspire them to come back for more? A loyalty card is a great place to start. Your brand’s loyalty card design is extremely important. But make sure you give your customers a beautiful, engaging loyalty card that is super simple to use.  I.e. don’t let a well intended loyalty card ruin your brand; don’t make your customers fill in paper forms, don’t make your customers wait hours or days to receive their card, don’t force your customers to carry an environmentally unfriendly, wasteful plastic card. etc..

DO – Make your loyalty card a shining reflection of your brand statements.

Your commitment to customer experience, business efficiency and the planet.

When we designed and developed PassKit our vision was to deliver a solution that allows businesses, of any size, to easily design and distribute the very best looking, most engaging, digital loyalty card to their customers. And not only that; we wanted to allow businesses to tap into the trust that their customers already have with Apple Wallet and Google Pay wallet. Apps that are pre-installed and in many cases used daily.

Now our vision is a reality.

In this article, we share how businesses are already benefiting massively from using digital loyalty cards, we share examples of the very best,  most successful loyalty programs, and we help you get started with ready to use templates.

Why digital loyalty cards?

For starters, digital loyalty cards are more environmentally friendly than physical loyalty cards, and users simply can’t lose them. But that’s just getting a glimpse of how going digital can improve your business. So, let’s take a closer look at some distinctive benefits of digital loyalty cards:

1. Take advantage of real-time tracking

Every customer’s account online is linked to their digital loyalty card. Unlike physical loyalty cards, which require brands to record each transaction and offer physically, digital loyalty (stamp) cards save time by allowing quick updates.

2. Aim for instant gratification

Customers do not have to wait while signing up for or extending a digital card membership. When it comes to physical loyalty cards, customers must visit a store, submit their loyalty cards to a brand representative, and wait for approval. Compared to the fast and easy clicks on a smartphone with digital loyalty cards, the entire process feels like it’s taking decades.

3. Make ability to adapt

Businesses can react instantly to the often-changing environment. With fast updates and adjustments to campaigns, digital loyalty cards may help you keep your information fresh and desirable in the future. Physical loyalty cards, on the other hand, may soon become outmoded in an increasingly contactless environment.

4. Go green

Firms may cut costs while also contributing to a more sustainable environment. By embracing digital, businesses eliminate waste from single-use promotional goods. In contrast, brands must invest in ongoing material costs and shipping fees when using physical loyalty cards.

While moving digital may appear to be the logical solution for avoiding the drawbacks of loyalty cards, transitioning without technical expertise can be complex and intimidating. That’s where PassKit comes in to take the uncertainty out of managing your digital reward programs.

Get in touch with our team today and see how easy it is to get started with digital loyalty cards!

Moving on, let’s see what you should consider when making a loyalty card and a few card examples that stick out from the crowd.

6 Loyalty card templates and examples to inspire you

What makes an effective loyalty card? To create the best digital loyalty card for your brand, consider these components:

  1. User-friendliness – Mobile cards that are more convenient to use. There will be no more overflowing wallets stuffed with several loyalty cards when you implement this.
  2. Reward various client behaviors – Customers are encouraged to stay loyal to your brand since they earn points for each purchase.
  3. Anti-fraud protection – Fraud situations are easier to avoid if you create digital loyalty cards. That is because the only time the points are given is when your consumers scan their cards.
  4. Personalization – You may deliver the most recent offers, as well as real-time coupons. You can make these highly personal since you know what the customer enjoys.

Now that we have that part covered, here are a few exceptional modern loyalty card templates and examples created with the help of PassKit. 

1. BOXPARK Black Card – loyalty card example

loyalty card template

This is a great method for smaller businesses that don’t want to spend as much money on reward app managing (for example, Starbucks) but want a functional and appealing alternative.

How does it work? It’s very simple. You start by scanning your Black Card at the bar when you order, and then you get one point for every £1 you spend. Your points will automatically appear in your digital wallet each time you make a purchase from the bar.

You can even watch the whole video to see how it works!

2. The Coffee Academïcs – digital loyalty card example

loyalty card template

This is another excellent example of how small businesses can get the most out of digital loyalty cards! You can design your card however you want without spending a fortune on loyalty programs. This way, you can stay on track and easily compete with company giants.

Watch the video where the CEO of The Coffee Academïcs talks about loyalty cards and digital cards and how they helped them make progress.

3. Not Only Coffee – membership loyalty card example

loyalty card template

A great example where a small local coffee shop implemented digital loyalty cards and digital rewards program.

It’s easy to sign up and even easier to use! For example, after completing the registration process, you will automatically become a Caffeinator and receive 250 points, which you can later redeem for HKD10 in store credit.

Now let’s see some great custom loyalty card templates you can get by clicking here.

4. Custom loyalty card template

loyalty card template

This is a loyalty card template that you can design and modify how you like. It doesn’t matter what kind of business you have, as you can get it entirely customized.

5. Coffee loyalty card template

loyalty card template

An excellent PassKit loyalty card template for coffee shops. This loyalty card template is digital and straightforward, with a nice design that users find attractive and easy to use.

6. Loyalty card template for any type of business

loyalty card template

Another sweet and straightforward loyalty card template example that you can personalize.

Now that we have some of the best loyalty card examples and templates, let’s see how to create custom loyalty cards.

How to create a digital loyalty card in 2 minutes

Your business can reward loyal customers with a personalized digital loyalty card design. With your loyalty card program, you can also make their shopping experience more fun. In addition, you can increase sales by providing clients with extra perks with digital loyalty cards that show your company’s uniqueness.

Customers must know that you’ve put effort into creating their cards, especially if you’re just starting! And while making good physical loyalty cards can take ages and can seriously damage your wallet, digital loyalty cards bring all the joys of sparing your time and energy!

Here are easy steps to take to create your unique digital loyalty card in under five minutes:

1. Go to the PassKit loyalty app and create an account.

loyalty card template

2. Choose the type of card you want to create and give it a name.

loyalty card template

You can pick what card you want to make:

3. Choose how you want the cards to look for Android and Apple users.

loyalty card template

These are the three options:

  • Google design
  • Apple design
  • Barcode/NFC

PassKit ensures that your design conforms to the most up-to-date Apple Wallet and Google Pay design requirements. In addition, choose a barcode type if you wish to scan the loyalty card at your POS or with the PassKit PassReader.

4. Fill out the four sections.

loyalty card template

Here are the steps for filling out the sections:

  • Upload visuals such as your brand logo and hero image.
  • Pick colors you want to use.
  • Add basic information for your template.
  • Add useful sections.
  • Add backfield information.
  • Include helpful links like social network profiles, official websites, and so on.

5. On the right of your screen you’ll see a mock up of the pass.

loyalty card template

This accurately represents how a Pass will look in Google Pay and Apple Wallet. If you click on the different sections of the mock up, it will take you to the desired area on the left side (filling up of the four sections).

6. Click on save the design.

And you’re done! Easy as that.

Once you’ve designed your template, PassKit provides you with Apple Wallet and Google Pay passes that you can use to promote and distribute your digital loyalty cards. 

No credit card is needed, and you can try PassKit free for 45 days.

And here are a few more benefits of using PassKit to create your digital card loyalty program:

  • Suppose you already have a list of customers’ emails. In that case, you can easily upload them to the PassKit app, and your customers will receive an email containing their unique digital loyalty card.
  • Using the PassKit enrolling link on your website and social media pages, you can get more people to sign up.
  • PassKit gives you a QR Code to print and use in-store, making it super easy for your customers to join up for your loyalty program while they are in your store.
  • Each time your iPhone-owning clients are near your business location, they will receive a notification on their phone taking them directly to your loyalty card added to Apple Wallet. So you can be sure that your customers can easily find and remember your brand. 

Moreover, with PassKit, you can send consumers behavior-driven or time-sensitive messages if you want to be more creative in rewarding them. Customers, for example, may receive a birthday message with a reminder to redeem their loyalty points or a reminder that their coupon will expire in a few days.

Summing up everything telling above, let’s take a look at the reasons why you should choose the PassKit solution to create your digital loyalty cards:

  • It’s contactless, so it’s safer to use during the coronavirus pandemic
  • It’s paperless, so you’re saving the environment
  • No coding skills required
  • It’s fast to set up, so it saves your time
  • It allows CRM and POS integration to track all loyalty data

You can design your digital card right here with PassKit literally in minutes. So give PassKit a try right now!


A quality loyalty card keeps your customers happy and has a straightforward way of working. These were the 6 loyalty card examples we loved in our team. And we hope our guide on how to design your own digital loyalty card will be helpful and inspire you to act now.

Remember to work smart (not hard) and go on board with digital loyalty cards in your customers’ mobile wallet applications. Start your journey today with us.


How do you make a stamp card?

By using a stamp card tool like Loopy Loyalty. You start by choosing the best stamp card design for your company, and then you personalize it with your own text, graphics, and colors.

How do you make a loyalty card in Canva?

You can select your desired template, edit it, save it, and publish it by visiting the website. However, this process can take up to several hours to perfect your loyalty card design. If you’re looking for a faster and simpler solution, try using digital loyalty card tools like PassKit as you can get it done within minutes.

What size are loyalty cards?

The most popular card size is 105 mm x 148mm; however, you can pick your preferred size. Try using digital loyalty cards to make things even more accessible as they are easier to create and manage.

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