loyalty in retail

Loyalty in Retail: Building Customer Relationships for Growth



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loyalty in retail

Image source: Freepik

It can be challenging to gain customer loyalty, but it is not impossible. By implementing the right tactics, such as launching a loyalty program, your retail business can become a consumer’s top choice, which can be highly beneficial to your brand.

Research has shown that loyal customers spend 67% more than new customers. Additionally, more than half of them actively recommend brands to their family and friends, making them the best brand ambassadors who can draw more people to your business.

However, customer loyalty can be inconsistent, especially today, where the average consumer is exposed to up to 10,000 ads every day. It is crucial to have a robust loyalty program to win customers’ attention, and that’s where PassKit comes in.

With PassKit, you can design loyalty program, create loyalty program cards your customers can store and use with Apple and Google Wallet, distribute your digital membership cards on various digital channels and track your redemption rates. Our tools help you build a successful retail loyalty program.

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In this article, we’ll discuss the importance of customer loyalty in retail, how to nurture it, and why PassKit is the perfect solution for your loyalty program needs.

Defining loyalty in retail

customer loyalty statistics

Image source: P2P Marketing

Retail loyalty programs are becoming increasingly popular to retain customers and reward them for their loyalty. Customers can earn points for each purchase and receive vouchers, discounts, and other incentives.

Implementing customer loyalty program ideas can help your retail business stand out and encourage customers to return. It’s a win-win situation for both the company and the customers.

If you’re looking to build a successful points reward system, PassKit can help. 

Our customer loyalty software allows you to design and track your loyalty program and promote it with a multichannel distribution system. 

Sign up for a free 45-day trial today and see how PassKit boosts your business.

Why is customer loyalty important in the retail industry?

customer loyalty in retail industry

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In today’s highly competitive retail industry, where hundreds of businesses offer similar goods and services, customer loyalty is crucial in ensuring consumers choose your brand over others.

Retail loyalty programs can help you build strong relationships with customers, encouraging them to make repeat purchases and increasing user retention. Therefore, prioritizing loyalty should be the goal of every business in the retail industry.

By implementing a free or paid loyalty program, you can reward customers for their continued support and incentivize them to remain loyal to your brand.

What role does trust play in building customer loyalty?

customer loyalty and trust

Image source: eMagid

Customers are less likely to remain loyal to your brand if they lack trust.

Customers confident in your business will make repeat purchases, recommend your brand to others, and stay with you even when faced with competing options. They will feel more secure in their investments, which can result in increased loyalty and advocacy.

It is also essential for developing and maintaining long-term relationships. You can earn your customer’s trust by being transparent, responsive, and delivering on your brand promise.

It’s a continuous process that requires consistent effort and attention, but the benefits of fostering trust and loyalty can be substantial for your long-term success.

Five customer loyalty statistics in retail

customer loyalty statistics

Image source: FinanceOnline

The following statistics show how important customer loyalty is in retail:

  • 88% of consumers say building brand loyalty takes three or more purchases. (Exploding Topics)
  • Loyalty program members increase purchases by 20%. (Clover)
  • 65% of a brand’s revenue comes from repeat customers. (Annex Cloud)
  • 87% of shoppers reported wanting brands to have loyalty programs. (Annex Cloud)
  • 90% of companies have some loyalty program. (Forbes)
  • Over 70% of consumers are likelier to recommend a brand with a good customer loyalty program. (Coniq)

Now that you understand the importance of retail loyalty programs, let’s discuss their most significant benefits for your business.

Six benefits of customer loyalty in retail

benefits of customer loyalty in retail

Image source: Unsplash

A retail brand that prioritizes customer loyalty reaps numerous benefits. Let’s share which ones.

Increased customer lifetime value

Customer lifetime value (CLV) is a metric that helps you measure the total revenue you can expect from a customer over their relationship with your business. This metric is vital for companies that want to cultivate long-term customer loyalty.

Research has shown that customers who establish an emotional connection with a brand have a 306% higher CLV than those who don’t. 

By delivering exceptional service, offering personalized recommendations, and showing that you value their business, you can create a sense of trust and loyalty that will keep customers coming back. 

Lower customer acquisition costs

Reducing customer acquisition costs can help you improve your bottom line and achieve sustainable growth. 

One way to accomplish this is by increasing purchase frequencies and order values among existing customers, which can help reduce the need for costly marketing campaigns to attract new customers.

Another effective strategy is to leverage your existing customer base to promote your business. 

Loyal and satisfied customers can be powerful brand advocates, sharing their positive experiences with friends and family and driving new business your way.

You can use referral programs as customer acquisition channels. These programs offer rewards or discounts to customers who refer new customers to your business, which can help increase customer acquisition rates and reduce marketing costs.

Positive word-of-mouth

Word-of-mouth marketing is a powerful tool in building brand reputation and loyalty. 

Research has shown that 92% of consumers trust recommendations from their peers more than they trust messages from a company. 

It highlights the importance of satisfied and loyal customers in driving positive word-of-mouth.

When consumers hear about your brand from their friends or family, they are more likely to become interested in your products or services. It can increase sales and loyalty program enrollment, as they want to experience what everyone is raving about.

Higher sales volume

PassKit customer loyalty platform

Having repeat customers is excellent, but building customer loyalty is crucial to increase your sales volume. PassKit can help you achieve this with our innovative loyalty program app.

Our solution allows you to design and launch loyalty customer cards for your business. Customers can earn points using payment services such as Google and Apple Wallet, eliminating the need for physical loyalty cards. 

They can accumulate points on their mobile wallets and redeem them for various products or services, both online and in-store.

It promotes contactless shopping and helps you provide a connected customer experience across all brand touchpoints, reaching your customers wherever they are and leading to increased sales.

Try our solution now and start building stronger relationships with your customers!

Improved customer insights

PassKit loyalty card design editor

When using PassKit to create rewards programs for small business, you can collect valuable customer data, such as their birthday, gender, phone number, tier points and similar. You can also add custom fields to gather other relevant consumer information.

It helps you create a personalized customer experience, develop successful marketing strategies and prepare attractive incentives to boost customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Competitive advantage

It can be difficult for customers to differentiate between many brands that offer similar products and choose which one to do business with. 

Building customer loyalty is a way to stand out from the competition and create a positive impression in customers’ minds. 

When customers have a solid bond with your brand and feel valued and appreciated, they are likelier to continue doing business with you and even recommend your company to others. 

It can give you a competitive advantage and increase customer retention and sales.

Five challenges with customer loyalty in retail

challenges of customer loyalty in retail

Image source: Unsplash

Customer loyalty in retail also comes with specific challenges. Let’s go over them.

Overcoming customer indifference

Overcoming customer indifference is one of the most difficult challenges for retailers regarding customer loyalty. 

Many customers are disengaged with the brands they purchase, making establishing long-term relationships difficult.

You must create interactive online and offline customer experiences to overcome this challenge. It can include personalized marketing campaigns, loyalty programs, and other customer-appreciation strategies.

Competing loyalty programs

With so many loyalty programs, standing out from the crowd can take time and effort. To overcome this challenge, you must create unique and compelling loyalty programs that offer real value to your customers. 

It can include exclusive discounts, free shipping, or other perks not available through other programs.

Limited customer data

Many retailers struggle with limited customer data, making it difficult to understand their customers’ needs and preferences. 

You must invest in data analytics and customer relationship management tools or use solutions like PassKit, which provides an all-in-one platform to collect and analyze customer data and behavior. 

By collecting and analyzing data from diverse sources, you can gain insights into your customers’ requirements, which can help you create more targeted marketing campaigns and loyalty programs.

Creating meaningful rewards

Not every retailer can offer monetary and exclusive perks. However, a limited budget doesn’t prevent you from building an outstanding customer loyalty program. For instance, you can explore some of these ideas:

  • Free delivery
  • Access to exclusive goods
  • Free samples
  • Special treatments
  • One-time events
  • Giveaways

Don’t always copy your competitors’ customer loyalty programs. Use them as a basis for your scheme, then build it with more attractive incentives.

Managing costs

While loyalty programs can effectively drive sales and build customer loyalty, they can also be expensive to implement and manage. 

To overcome this challenge, you need to focus on creating loyalty programs that are cost-effective and scalable. 

It can include things like automated reward systems, streamlined data analytics processes, and other tactics that help to reduce costs while still delivering value to customers.

With PassKit, you can significantly decrease your loyalty program costs. You don’t need to hire developers or designers; you can eliminate custom app building from the picture.

We provide you with all features to get your program running in minutes. Start your 45-day free trial now.

How retail loyalty programs help you build customer relationships

retail loyalty programs

Image source: Unsplash

Let’s discuss how retail loyalty programs can be an effective tool for building customer relationships. 

Encouraging customer feedback 

Many loyalty programs allow customers to provide feedback about their shopping experience. This feedback can help you identify areas for improvement and make changes to increase customer satisfaction. 

By actively seeking out and responding to customer feedback, you can build stronger relationships with your customers and create a culture of continuous improvement.

Facilitating customer-brand interactions

You can improve customer communication and send targeted messages, promotions, and exclusive offers that resonate with their needs and preferences. 

You can deliver these messages through various channels, such as email, SMS, or mobile app notifications, and include personalized recommendations, rewards, and exclusive offers.

Innovating with technology

You can use technology to enhance your loyalty program and improve customer experiences. 

By leveraging the power of mobile apps, digital wallets, social media, and other channels, you can offer customers new ways to engage with your business. These innovations can include gamification, augmented reality, and virtual reality experiences.

Boosting brand credibility

You can demonstrate social proof and increase brand credibility. By featuring customer testimonials, reviews, and success stories, you can showcase the positive experiences and benefits that customers receive from your loyalty program.

You can incentivize customers to engage with your brand through loyalty program activities, such as leaving product reviews, completing surveys, or sharing their purchases on social media.

Creating a sense of community

By offering exclusive benefits, such as early access to new products or special events, you can develop a sense of exclusivity and foster a loyal community of customers.

Six steps to building a retail loyalty strategy

retail loyalty strategy

Image source: Unsplash

You need a strategy to create a successful customer loyalty program. Here are the actions you should consider.

Defining objectives and goals

You may not achieve much with your customer loyalty program without a clear purpose. Therefore, it is crucial to identify the desired outcome to determine the most effective tactics to adopt. 

For instance, your goals may include the following:

  • Increasing engagement with your customers
  • Improving customer lifetime value
  • Boosting the number of loyal members
  • Capturing customer data

Depending on your objective, you can design incentives that align with your goals and encourage customers to participate in your loyalty program. 

By offering rewards that resonate with your target audience, you can increase the chances of achieving your desired outcome.

Understanding customer needs and wants

An essential step in building customer loyalty is understanding your target audience and what encourages them to make repeat purchases. 

By gaining insights into customer behavior and interactions, you can identify the most effective ways to engage with customers in-store and online. 

This information can help you personalize your marketing efforts to meet their needs and preferences, thereby increasing the chances of building a loyal customer base.

Creating a unique value proposition

Your value proposition is a statement that communicates the unique benefits of your loyalty program and how it enhances the customer shopping experience. 

It should include the following elements:

  1. Relevancy: A message that explains why the loyalty program is relevant to the customer’s needs and preferences.
  2. Value: A clear list of benefits customers receive when they become loyalty members.
  3. Differentiation: An explanation of what sets your loyalty program apart from others in the market.

By crafting a compelling value proposition, you can effectively communicate the benefits of your loyalty program and motivate customers to join and engage with your brand.

Determining program structure

To ensure the success of your loyalty program, it is crucial to communicate how it works to your loyal customers. 

You should determine the program’s structure by deciding:

  • How customers will earn and redeem rewards points
  • What rewards and offers you will provide
  • Whether to include membership tiers to make your retail loyalty program more exclusive

By clarifying these essential aspects, you can ensure that customers clearly understand how the program works, making it more likely for them to engage with it and remain loyal to your brand.

Establishing metrics and KPIs

After determining your loyalty program goals, it is essential to establish metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure its success. 

By tracking customer engagement data and usage, you can evaluate the program’s usefulness and identify potential gaps or areas for improvement.

Some examples of metrics and KPIs include

  1. Enrollment rate: The percentage of customers who join your loyalty program after learning more about it.
  2. Participation rate: The percentage of loyalty program members who engage with the program regularly.
  3. Redemption rate: The percentage of points customers earn and redeem for rewards or discounts.
  4. Customer lifetime value: The total revenue a customer generates over their lifetime of engagement with your brand.

By monitoring these metrics, you can gain valuable insights into the performance of your loyalty program and make data-driven decisions to enhance its efficacy.

Selecting a customer loyalty software

Customer loyalty software tools are critical for the success of loyalty programs. 

These tools help you launch loyalty programs with various capabilities to enhance customer engagement and retention. PassKit is one example of such a loyalty app.

It can enhance the effectiveness of your loyalty program and drive long-term loyalty and revenue growth. Let’s discuss how it works.

How to create a retail loyalty program with PassKit

PassKit retail loyalty solution

PassKit is a customer loyalty software tool that helps you launch and manage digital loyalty programs. 

We help you to create loyalty reward cards and various digital passes, such as digital tickets, to gather customer data and send targeted marketing messages to enhance customer engagement and retention.

Let’s discuss how PassKit works.

Sign up for PassKit

sign up for PassKit

Experience the benefits of PassKit by signing up for our 45-day free trial

During this period, you can explore our comprehensive loyalty solution and see firsthand how it can elevate your business.

Getting started with PassKit is quick and easy. Provide your company information and email address to access our platform fully. No credit card is required.

After the trial period, you can evaluate our flexible pricing options and calculate your costs based on your monthly volume. 

Our pricing offers competitive rates with discounts as your usage grows, ensuring you only pay for what you need.

Design your digital loyalty cards, membership cards or coupons

digital loyalty cards

PassKit provides a user-friendly loyalty card design that conforms to the design guidelines of Google Wallet and Apple Wallet.

In our Pass Designer, you can choose the colors representing your brand and add your company’s logo and other elements to match your visual identity. 

You can also create custom fields to collect customer data and add a barcode for card scanning at your store.

With just a few clicks, you can start enhancing the customer experience.

Distribute your loyalty reward cards on multiple digital channels

loyalty program multichannel distribution

With PassKit multichannel distribution capabilities, you can promote loyalty rewards cards across multiple digital channels. 

Beyond social media and email marketing, you can promote your cards with the following:

Our platform empowers you to reach customers where they are most likely to engage with your brand, boosting loyalty and revenue for your business.

Scan customer cards with a CodeREADr app

codereader app

With PassKit’s integration with CodeREADr, you can quickly scan digital passes and manage customer loyalty points and tiers. Here’s how:

  1. Scan the customer’s loyalty card on their mobile wallet using the CodeREADr app.
  2. Click on the available options, such as “Redeem Points,” “Change Points,” or “Change Tier.”
  3. Take further actions based on the selected option.

This integration lets you quickly and easily manage your customers’ loyalty rewards, increasing engagement and satisfaction. 

Track your retail loyalty program performance

loyalty program performance

PassKit offers advanced analytics that allows you to gather data and measure the performance of your loyalty program. You can track key metrics like redemption rates to see how customers interact with your rewards.

Additionally, you can monitor the number of enrolled members and identify customers who have abandoned the program. It enables you to send personalized offers and targeted messages to entice customers to rejoin and take advantage of your loyalty program.

loyalty program data

You can also understand which mobile wallets your customers use the most and which distribution sources bring the most customers.

You can get valuable insights into customer behavior and program performance, enabling you to make data-driven decisions and optimize your loyalty program for maximum engagement and profitability.

Loyalty in retail: Final thoughts

As a leading digital loyalty solution, PassKit can help take your retail business to new heights. Our easy-to-use platform allows you to design and distribute digital loyalty cards, membership cards, and coupons with just a few clicks.

With PassKit’s multichannel distribution, you can promote your loyalty program on various digital channels, including SMS marketing, receipt marketing, in-app advertising, and search marketing. Our integration with the CodeREADr app makes it easy to scan digital passes, give points to customers, and change their tier.

PassKit’s advanced analytics provides valuable data insights to track redemption rates, enrollment numbers, and member activity. 

Sign up for our 45-day free trial to see how our software can help you achieve your retail loyalty program goals. 

Our flexible pricing options ensure you only pay for what you need based on your monthly volume. Join the many businesses that trust PassKit to build successful loyalty programs.

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