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digital membership cards
Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

Digital membership cards are one of the greatest methods to enhance your customers’ experience. Producing membership cards may seem like a simple process (and it can be!). However, how you design and deliver them can significantly impact your members’ pleasure and even retention levels!

Our team in PassKit has been exploring this topic for a while now, and in this article, we’ll go over digital membership cards, how they may help your business and how to create your own membership card in just a couple of minutes.

What are digital membership cards?

Digital membership cards serve as proof of an individual’s connection with your company. They also serve as passes that people can upload to their Apple Wallet and Google Pay. Digital membership cards are a great way to provide a seamless, customized, and contactless customer experience while using Google Pay/Apple Wallet.

For offline businesses, digital membership cards are a great solution. However, online companies can also benefit from them. Even for an online-only firm, having your membership card in a consumer’s wallet can be helpful (to update points and more). In addition, your clients can easily access membership benefits, promotions, and other advantages.

They can also be customized to the membership level of each user. As a result, there is now a wide range of companies, including retail stores, numerous agencies, and organizations, that use digital membership cards. That can be your call to start your journey with digital cards!

The importance of a digital membership card

digital membership cards


Creating a digital membership card is far simpler—which we will show you in this article—and less expensive than creating a physical card. All you have to do is make sure your members know how to use them.

Let’s see some of the pros of using digital membership cards.

1. Users can never misplace them

Since the card is stored on the customer’s phone, you don’t have to worry about your members’ losing or replacing them because it’s impossible!  You and your clients will save loads of time and work by using digital cards.

2. They are cost-effective

It’s expensive to print physical membership cards, especially if they’re prone to be lost or stolen. And with digital cards, because you’re not producing and sending new membership cards or replacing old ones, you’re keeping more of your company’s money.

3. Use the smartphone to its full potential

Clients should not have to question how it works when it comes to membership cards because using them should be easy and clear. Plus, rather than sending an email that your members may or may not see, you can add the new benefits and upgrades on the membership card, and your customers will be more able to spot it quickly and use the offer. Thus digital membership cards make the most out of smartphones while employing Apple Wallet and Google Pay.

4. They can help you stay relevant

A digital membership card also shows your customers that you’re exploring the latest trends. A company that stays behind the time or is too hesitant to adapt to new trends is a no-no for any potential user. Your customers will appreciate your efforts to improve your operations and stay up-to-date!

5. They are more customizable

Businesses can add a personal touch to their membership cards by going digital. Users can see their name every time they use their card in Apple Wallet/Google Pay. Customization helps create strong client connections and supports businesses in sparking possible brand loyalty in customers.

6. They are saving the planet

Brands incur continuing material and delivery costs when they adopt physical membership cards. On the other hand, brands that fully embrace digital can save cash while also reducing waste from single-use promotional material. An additional benefit of a digital card system is that it allows companies to interact with their customers while still being environmentally friendly!

7. Features are identical to the physical card

With the help of your smartphone, you can use digital membership cards. Because of this, the device can be utilized in various ways and without compromising any of the benefits of a physical card. For example, scan a code or recognize the IR code on the gadget to unlock the door.

Discounts negotiated with stores imply that employees can scan a QR or Bar code on your member’s digital membership card for them to enjoy discounts under the terms of the membership and more.

Who can use digital membership cards?

digital membership cards

When we consider all of the advantages of digital cards, it isn’t a poor decision for any business; but, in the end, you should decide what is suitable for your company. Depending on your products and capacities, a digital card may or may not benefit you. However, if you thoroughly optimize your cards, you can never go wrong!

If you have a gym, club, or any offline business, the digital membership card will be useful both for you and your clients. On the other hand, it can still be useful for an online company to provide consumers with a digital card to keep in their e-wallet (for points and updates).

For example, a few businesses use PassKit to notify someone of their COVID-19 test status. Then, when they take a test, they receive a pass, and once the test is finished, the pass changes to green (COVID-19 positive is indicated in red).

If all of the information you’ve read so far sounds appealing, we are here to help you get started. With PassKit, you can design your own membership card within two minutes!

Digital membership cardsPhysical membership cards
Easier card management
High level of security

How to create a digital membership card

digital membership cards

PassKit’s online application allows you to build your membership cards quickly. It’s easy to use, and producing and tracking rewards just takes a few minutes. Let’s go over each step individually.

  • Go to the PassKit website to sign up for a free account.
  • Choose to make a membership card for your project.
  • Choose how the card should be shown to Android and Apple users (PassKit makes sure your design matches the latest Apple Wallet and Google Pay design guidelines).
  • Select a barcode type if you want to scan the membership card at your POS or with PassKit’s PassReader.
  • Include images such as your company’s logo and the hero image.
  • Fill in the fields to complete your template.
  • Add useful sections and backfield information.
  • Insert valuable links such as social media profiles, official websites, and so on.
  • Once you’ve designed your template, PassKit provides you with Apple Wallet and Google Pay passes (It’s pretty simple to use on the phone, and your clients won’t have to waste time signing up for anything).
digital membership cards

The only thing left is to automatically download and save your membership card design! It’s pretty simple, and if you get confused at any time, support is available. PassKit’s Help Center contains a plethora of simple tutorials.

It is even more amazing with the PassKit app since:

  • It is contactless, and it is safer to use during a coronavirus pandemic.
  • It is paperless, which is better for the environment.
  • Nothing needs to be programmed or printed, making it simple.
  • It is simple to set up, meaning you can save lots of time.
  • It is CRM and POS-friendly, allowing for the tracking of all loyalty data.

You can practically build your digital membership card right here with PassKit in minutes, so give it a try right now!

Great examples of companies who employed membership cards

Creating digital membership cards for your company is quite simple; nonetheless, it is still a worthy pursuit that can dramatically improve member experience and involves a small financial contribution. These are some of the best examples of companies already using digital membership cards.

1. NOC Coffee membership card

digital membership cards

NOC Coffee incorporated digital cards for gaining points when someone makes a purchase and topping up credit on their digital card for future transactions. The membership is valid for 12 months when a customer gets a membership upgrade date.

2. AGO general membership card Google Pay

digital membership cards

The AGO transitioned to digital membership cards, which are both ecologically sustainable and convenient!

Membership information like your name, membership level, ID number, and expiration date will be displayed on the digital card. Digital membership cards function similarly to traditional plastic physical cards; simply show your digital card to the employees to access your exclusive member perks.

3. AGO membership general pass Apple Wallet

digital membership cards

Another example from AGO. The new digital card is stored in your mobile wallet, so you always have it with you. When you extend your membership, your downloadable card is automatically updated. Because the new digital cards reduce the challenge of finding and replacing plastic cards, they are far more practical and ecological alternatives.

Digital membership cards: the new normal

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Plastic membership cards have the added benefit of containing magnetic strips that can be scanned for entrance or discount when someone makes a purchase. They can also carry the firm’s logo, providing a branding opportunity.

On the other hand, digital membership cards function similarly to physical cards in that they are digital—just with higher usage of mobile phones. Because of that, they are always with your members wherever they go. In addition, such digital cards no longer require magnetic chips or codes; instead, they rely on the device’s technology.

With the help of PassKit, you can personalize and generate digital membership cards based on individual members’ personal preferences. Furthermore, the digital cards are stored in mobile wallets (such as Google Pay and Apple Wallet) that most members already use regularly, eliminating the need for user activation!

If you are undecided about which path to pursue, you can always provide both. You can mention on your website that members can select between a digital and a physical card for ecological reasons. Most people will choose digital, and you can save expense on printing while also raising awareness and showing kindness to your customers.


Digital membership cards are an exciting opportunity to introduce new technology and efficiency into your business. They’re also a terrific method to make your company stand out. Depending on your requirements, the process of establishing a digital card might be simple or complex, but it is almost always a worthwhile investment.

We hope that our article answered some of your questions since our team has extensively researched and examined this topic in order to make it easier for you. Feel free to reach out to us with more questions and give PassKit a try as of today!

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