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How to Make Scannable Membership Cards With PassKit



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Creating scannable membership cards for your business or club can significantly streamline your operations and improve your members’ experience. With digital membership cards, members can carry their credentials on their smartphones, reducing the likelihood of lost or forgotten plastic membership cards. 

PassKit offers a hassle-free solution for developing and distributing mobile loyalty cards, simplifying the membership management process.  By making your membership cards scannable, you provide a versatile tool that integrates with popular mobile wallets like Apple and Google Wallet. 

Your members can use their digital cards at the point of sale, during events, or when taking advantage of member-exclusive offers. 

To get started with PassKit, you need to understand how mobile membership cards function and the benefits they bring. That’s precisely what we’re going to discuss in this article.

We will explain why scannable membership cards are not just a digital equivalent of physical membership cards but a dynamic and interactive platform for member engagement. 

Finally, we will discuss the card creation, management and distribution process with PassKit to help you add value to your membership system through convenience, security, and efficiency. 

Let’s get started.

Understanding the significance of scannable membership cards

scannable membership cards

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Scannable membership cards represent a significant leap forward in convenience and functionality for businesses and members. 

These digital cards streamline the experience for anyone carrying them, primarily because you eliminate the possibility of leaving a card at home. A member’s digital membership card is always accessible via mobile device, offering seamless interaction whenever they visit your business.

With these loyalty membership cards, changes to member details or promotions reflect instantly, keeping your members in the loop with the latest information via digital membership card software.

By implementing a membership card system that leverages digital technology, you’re equipping your business with a tool that enhances the membership experience, streamlines administrative processes, and positions your brand as a modern, forward-thinking entity. 

Remember, the simplicity of use and efficiency benefits you and your membership program.

The benefits of scannable membership cards

scannable membership cards

Scannable membership cards offer a range of advantages tailored to enhance the efficiency and security of your business operations.

Simplifying membership verification

Instant scanning simplifies the process of membership verification, providing a hassle-free experience for both your staff and members.

Streamlining entry processes

You’ll notice how effortlessly members can access your facilities as these cards allow for quick scanning, eliminating the need to check member details manually.

Reducing wait times for members

Your members will appreciate the faster admission resulting from the quick scan-and-go system, leading to higher satisfaction rates.

Increasing interaction opportunities

Scannable membership cards allow you to engage with members at the point of entry, enabling you to greet them personally or promote current offers.

Gathering valuable customer insights

Every scan contributes data, giving you a more precise picture of member preferences and habits, which is pivotal for strategic decision-making.

Reducing manual record-keeping efforts

With digital scanning, entering member info manually is significantly reduced, minimizing the chances of human error.

Minimizing printing and distribution expenses

You cut costs by eliminating the need for physical card production and distribution, as you can distribute digital cards through email, SMS or social media.

Fraud prevention through secure encoding

Secure technologies embedded in scannable membership cards protect your members’ data, reducing the likelihood of fraudulent use.

Easy retrieval of membership information

Members and staff can swiftly access important membership details stored on the card with a simple scan, facilitating smoother customer service.

Seamless incorporation into current business processes

You can easily integrate these digital cards with your existing systems, making the transition to scannable cards smooth and cost-effective.

Compatibility with other digital tools and platforms

Scannable membership cards work well with various types of scanners and POS systems and often perform seamlessly with mobile devices, allowing for versatile use across different interaction points.

The challenges with scannable membership cards

Implementing scannable membership cards brings numerous benefits; however, you may encounter several challenges you need to carefully navigate.

Issues related to outdated hardware

Your existing hardware might not be compatible with the latest scannable card technology. It may result in additional costs for upgrading scanners or purchasing new devices capable of reading digital membership cards accurately.

Educating members on scanning procedures

You’ll need to provide clear instructions to ensure your members understand how to present their own membership card for scanning. Misunderstandings can lead to longer transaction times and member frustration.

Ensuring smooth functionality in various environments

Scannable cards should work under various lighting conditions and through protective phone covers. If not, scanning can become unreliable, leading to decreased customer satisfaction.

Mitigating potential risks of data breaches

data breach statistics

Image source: Varonis

Personalized membership card stores sensitive information, so securing data from unauthorized access is paramount. Strong encryption and regular security updates are critical to protect member privacy.

Compatibility challenges with diverse operating systems

Different members use varying operating systems on their devices. Ensuring your scannable cards work seamlessly across all platforms is essential for a universal member experience.

Managing staff reluctance to adapt to new processes

Transitioning to scannable cards may meet resistance from staff accustomed to traditional methods. Training and positive reinforcement can be necessary to achieve buy-in from your team.

Ensuring seamless integration with existing systems

Scannable membership cards must integrate with your current database and POS systems. Incompatibilities can result in operational delays and increased technical support workload.

Ensuring accurate scanning of QR codes

QR or bar code on membership cards must be quickly available for scanning. Poorly designed codes might not scan correctly, slowing operations and affecting user experience.

Establishing effective support channels for technical issues

Technical problems can arise with both hardware and software. Having a responsive and knowledgeable support system in place is crucial for quick resolution of issues to prevent disruption to service.

Exploring PassKit as a digital membership solution

When looking to transition from traditional membership cards to a digital solution, PassKit emerges as the best alternative. It allows you to design and distribute digital passes compatible with both Apple Wallet and Google Wallet, with a pricing model that enables you to pay as you grow.

Creating your first pass is effortless because you don’t need programming knowledge or design skills. Our simplified process ensures you can launch your scannable membership cards rapidly.

You can enhance members’ experience through contactless membership cards for mobile wallets they can always carry on their smartphones.

Enjoy the reliability of a service designed with automated failover, boasting an impressive 99.5% uptime. PassKit is built to scale, fitting seamlessly into your current systems, simplifying integration and sustaining your growth with flexible, transparent support.

Whether starting from scratch or transitioning from a traditional membership system, PassKit equips you with the tools you need to efficiently implement a modern, digital membership program.

Start a 45-day free trial now.

Features that make PassKit ideal for small businesses

scannable membership cards

PassKit is a versatile tool specifically tailored to meet the needs of membership organizations operating in diverse sectors like retail, hospitality, and entertainment. Its comprehensive features allow you to create and seamlessly manage a loyalty program customized to your unique requirements.

  1. Design and brand compatibility: Use PassKit’s own membership card template and a user-friendly Pass Designer to create membership cards that align with your brand image, ensuring consistency across Apple and Google platforms.
  2. Centralized management: Manage your QR code loyalty program efficiently with a central platform, establishing reward systems, monitoring customer activities, and maintaining member profiles with ease.
  3. Mobile integration: Leverage mobile wallet APIs and SDKs for integration with platforms such as Apple Wallet and Google Wallet, letting customers easily carry their loyalty cards digitally.
  4. PassReader for validation: Implement the PassReader Scanning App for iOS and Android to validate membership cards quickly, streamlining the rewards process and elevating the customer experience.
  5. Tailored rewards system: Integrate marketing automation tools and set automated rewards to maintain customer interest and incentivize frequent purchases without manual intervention.
  6. Broad distribution: Enhance digital card accessibility through various distribution channels like email, SMS, and social media to maximize engagement.
  7. Targeted communication: Send push notifications for promotions or exclusive offers, ensuring customers stay updated and connected to your program.
  8. Geo-engagement: Engage customers with location-based alerts, driving in-store traffic by delivering timely and area-specific notifications.
  9. Valuable insights: Gain insights with real-time customer loyalty analytics and reporting, empowering you to fine-tune your strategy for improved performance.
  10. Multi-language support: Expand your reach by offering loyalty passes in multiple languages, ensuring inclusivity and a personalized approach for your diverse customer base.

As you can see, PassKit is an all-in-one digital membership card app that enables you to start your program in minutes, not months.

Start a 45-day free trial.

Key steps to create scannable membership cards with PassKit

scannable membership cards

Compared to free online tools, creating scannable membership cards with PassKit is a straightforward process that can enhance your members’ experience. Here’s how you can get started.

Account setup

PassKit pricing

Register a PassKit account to use our platform and opt for a 45-day free trial to explore the features without an immediate commitment. After the trial expires, you can switch to usage-based pricing and receive discounts as your usage increases. Visit our pricing page to make a cost estimate.

Card template selection 

scannable membership cards template

Go to the Pass Designer, our intuitive visual editor, and pick a template that aligns with your membership card vision. Whether you own a fitness center, a retail store, or a coffee shop, you can design membership cards that resonate with your brand and offerings.

Advanced customization

scannable membership cards customization

Personalize the card’s template. Use your brand’s logo, colors, and aesthetic elements to ensure instant recognition by your members. Adjust the layout to reflect your brand identity for a professional look.

Information input 

scannable membership cards

Fill in pertinent membership details. It includes the member’s name, membership tier, ID number, contact information, expiration dates, and other unique identifiers. Highlight the card’s benefits, like discounts or exclusive access, to underline value.

QR code implementation 

PassKit scannable membership cards

Integrate a QR code or a barcode for quick and effortless scanning. This feature, combined with the CodeREADr app, simplifies the check-in process at events or point-of-sale terminals, representing an efficient and secure access method for benefits.

Engagement features 

push notifications

Enrich the member’s experience with practical tools. Implement real-time notifications for timely updates on offers and use location-based alerts to target members with context-specific promotions.

Incorporating these elements into your card design provides utility, enhances security, and instills confidence in your membership process. Use PassKit’s dynamic platform to create professional and engaging scannable membership cards that cater to today’s mobile-savvy consumer.

Start a 45-day free trial now.

Integrating digital membership cards into your business ops

digital membership cards

Image source: Zapier

Implementing scannable membership cards into your business is a strategic move that streamlines your operations and elevates the customer experience.  PassKit simplifies this process with its robust features, making it easier for your customers to carry digital membership cards.

Thanks to the integration with Zapier and Make, you can connect PassKit with numerous apps and platforms to further optimize your workflow, including:

  1. Mailchimp integrations
  2. Salesforce CRM integration
  3. Zoho CRM integration
  4. Marketo integration
  5. WooCommerce integrations
  6. ActiveCampaign integrations
  7. Emarsys integrations

You can enhance your operational efficiency and foster greater engagement with your customer base. Pursue a seamless transition to a digital membership program with PassKit and stay at the forefront of your industry.

Start a 45-day free trial now.

Measuring success with PassKit analytics and data insights

scannable membership cards analytics

Understanding data is integral for making informed decisions and bolstering the performance of your program. PassKit provides a robust suite of tools to help you get actionable insights from your membership cards. 

  • Enrolled members count
  • Number of digital cards saved to Google or Apple Wallet 
  • Number of digital cards removed from mobile wallets 
  • Total number of cards deleted through API or web interface 
  • Performance by day, month, year, or custom dates 
  • Digital wallets your customers use the most  
  • Distribution channels that bring you the most customers 
scannable membership cards analytics

By digging into the analytics, you can discover what your customers prefer and how they interact with your offerings. You can see the peak times for member activity, assess loyalty point redemption trends and adjust your reward structure to increase perceived value and satisfaction.

Start a 45-day free trial to continually drive growth and profitability for your business.

Conclusion about scannable membership cards

Adopting scannable membership cards with PassKit is a step towards sustainability, reducing the need for paper and plastic cards and contributing to a greener business model. 

Your commitment to innovation and convenience will be apparent to your members, potentially increasing their loyalty and satisfaction.

Remember, with the right tools and a strategic approach, scannable membership cards can become a valuable asset in your business’s growth and customer retention efforts.

Sign up for PassKit and start a 45-day free trial.

FAQs about scannable membership cards

Scannable membership cards are a key tool in enhancing your customer experience by providing a quick and seamless way to verify membership and access benefits.

How to make virtual membership cards?

To create virtual membership cards that are scannable, you can utilize platforms like PassKit:

  1. Design your card using customizable templates and add your brand’s logo and color scheme.
  2. Add elements such as a barcode or QR code to make them easily scannable.
  3. Integrate the cards with digital wallets so members can access them on their smartphones.

How do I issue a membership card?

Collect the necessary member details to issue a membership card and input them into your membership system or card creation software. Once the design is finalized and includes a scannable element, such as a QR code, distribute the digital card via email or SMS.

What is a digital membership card?

A digital membership card is a virtual alternative to traditional physical cards stored on a member’s mobile device. They may include crucial elements such as a member’s name and identification number, ensuring personalization and easier identification. These cards boost convenience, reduce waste, and feature scannable technology for accessing membership benefits.

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