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How to Create QR Code Membership Card with PassKit



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Membership cards have come a long way. In the past, people had to carry around a physical card to enjoy their membership benefits. However, with the advent of technology, customers can now easily store and access their membership information through their smartphones. 

If you want to create a digital membership card for your business or organization, using PassKit to make one with a QR code is an excellent option.

Follow our guide and learn how to create a QR code membership card in minutes and streamline your membership program in no time.

Understanding QR code membership card

QR code membership card

A QR code is a type of barcode that can store a wealth of information easily accessible with a simple scan. On a digital card, these codes function as unique identifiers for each member, carrying details such as membership number, status, and entitlements.

A QR code membership card provides a convenient and personalized solution for managing members’ access to rewards, services, or loyalty programs.

It offers the flexibility and adaptability that modern businesses require, helping you stay ahead in the dynamic landscape of customer engagement and retention.

QR code membership card benefits

QR code membership card benefits

Image source: QR Tiger

QR code membership cards are becoming increasingly popular due to their easy integration with mobile wallet platforms. These digital membership cards can improve the program experience for businesses and customers.

Let’s share some additional benefits:

  1. Convenience: Carrying multiple plastic cards is no longer necessary. Customers can instantly access their membership via smartphones using a QR code membership card. It means faster check-ins and transactions, as there’s no need to search through physical cards.
  2. Security: Digital cards minimize the risk of lost or stolen physical membership cards. You can also update them with new information or deactivate them remotely, providing an extra layer of security.
  3. Access: QR code membership cards ensure that membership details are easily accessible. A simple scan with a smartphone camera gives members immediate entry to facilities or access to exclusive benefits.
  4. Compatibility: QR code cards integrate with popular mobile wallets, allowing for a seamless user experience simplifying management and usage.
  5. Environmentally friendly: By opting for a QR code digital membership card, you’ll reduce waste in producing and disposing plastic cards.

In summary, QR code membership cards provide a secure, convenient, and eco-friendly way for members to access and enjoy their benefits. 

QR code membership card challenges

QR code membership card challenges

Image source: Freepik

Creating a QR code membership card can revolutionize how your business manages memberships. You can learn how to make a membership card using our guide.

However, you may face particular challenges in implementation and use:

  • Integration with existing systems: Integrating QR code technology with your current software and databases can be a major hurdle. Ensuring smooth data transfer without disruptions to your service is crucial.
  • User education: Accustoming your members to employ digital cards can take time. Not everyone is tech-savvy, so providing clear instructions on using and managing their digital membership cards is essential.
  • Security and privacy: Securing your members’ data is a big responsibility. Implementing robust security measures to prevent unauthorized access or data breaches is vital. Encrypted QR code on a mobile membership card can enhance security.
  • Access and scanning issues: Some members might have difficulty accessing or scanning QR codes due to outdated mobile devices or camera issues. Ensuring your membership cards are readily accessible is essential.
  • Technology dependence: Reliance on Internet connectivity and functioning hardware can sometimes restrict access to the membership. Developing a backup plan for such situations can help maintain uninterrupted service.

Adopting a digital approach like QR code membership cards is beneficial, but be prepared to address these challenges confidently.

If you’re looking for an efficient solution to create, manage, and distribute QR code membership cards, PassKit is the perfect answer.

Getting started with Passkit

If you want to create digital membership cards, PassKit provides a straightforward process. Our digital membership card software requires no coding, making it highly accessible even if you don’t have a technical background

Whether you’re looking to implement a QR code loyalty program or upgrade your membership system, our digital membership card app is designed for a smooth user experience with a drag-and-drop interface, enabling you to create loyalty membership cards swiftly. 

PassKit also emphasizes the value of connected customer experiences, aligning with the latest trends in customer engagement. You’re opting out of traditional paper and plastic waste, aligning with eco-friendly practices and reducing production and distribution costs.

Understanding PassKit’s impact on loyalty programs is essential for those looking to delve deeper into the benefits of mobile wallet marketing.

At PassKit, we offer a flexible pay-as-you-grow pricing model and a 99.5% uptime SLA, demonstrating reliability and scalability. 

Our software can integrate seamlessly into your current setup, offering transparent support and scale operations without overcomplicating the process.

Remember, you can design membership cards easily without incurring unnecessary costs. Begin your journey towards a streamlined, cost-effective membership card system with PassKit today.

Start a 45-day free trial now.

Design your QR code membership card with Passkit

QR code membership card design

Designing a QR code membership card with PassKit is essential in providing a seamless experience for your members. This guide covers key design aspects you should consider to create a visually appealing and functional membership card.

Choose colors and branding elements

QR code membership card branding

Visit the Pass Designer and select colors that reflect your brand identity. Consistent use of your brand’s color palette ensures your membership card is easily recognizable. You can start with one of the loyalty card templates for Apple Wallet and Google Wallet that you can tailor to your brand’s look and feel.

Add a business logo and relevant graphics

QR code membership card branding

Ensure your business logo is prominently displayed on the card. The logo strengthens brand recognition and creates a professional impression. Upload high-resolution images so your logo and other graphics appear crisp and clear on any phone screen.

Incorporate member’s name and personal information

QR code membership card details

Customize each card by including the member’s name and necessary personal details. It personalizes the experience and helps identify the member during transactions. Your content will be easily readable thanks to our adherence to Apple and Google Wallet guidelines regarding legibility and font size.

Add expiry date and membership tier

QR code membership card tier

Incorporate membership expiry dates and tier levels to keep your customers informed. This information encourages members to renew or upgrade their membership. With our templates, it will be strategically positioned for visibility without overwhelming the card’s design.

Include additional personalized details

QR code membership card

Consider including additional details such as member photos or unique member IDs to make each card specific to the individual. It enhances security and adds a personal touch to the membership experience.

Include advanced fields for capturing customer data

QR code membership card customer data

Use advanced fields to capture relevant customer data, which will be valuable for your mobile wallet loyalty program. With PassKit, you can manage your points reward system and gather essential insights from the data collected through customer interactions with the card.

By following these steps and paying attention to the details, you can craft an effective and attractive QR code membership card that reinforces your brand and provides value to your members.

Start a 45-day free trial to see how super simple it is.

Generate QR codes with Passkit

QR code generation for membership card

Starting with PassKit’s software, you can generate QR codes that members can quickly scan and link to their digital wallets:

  • Select your QR code: The QR code image must be clear and scannable. PassKit provides a user-friendly interface where you can customize the aesthetics and choose one of four QR codes for your card.
  • Link to membership data: Each QR code must contain a unique identifier linking to a member’s account. This connection is made automatically when you create the QR code in PassKit. The code will hold essential data, enabling a quick scan with the CodeREADr app to bring up a member’s details.
  • Testing the QR Code: Before distribution, test your card to ensure it scans correctly. You can use a smartphone camera or a QR code reader app to verify that the scan action takes you to the intended destination.

Remember, the QR code should be readily scannable, not too dense with data, and compatible with most smartphone cameras. 

With PassKit, generating these QR codes is intuitive and integrates seamlessly into your digital membership card creation process, ensuring a smooth transition for your members from physical to digital space.

Start a 45-day free trial.

Implement QR code membership cards in your business

QR code membership cards

QR code membership cards can enhance the efficiency of your customer service and program management and provide members with easy access to their privileges. 

To adopt these cards, integrate them with your POS system, train your staff, and communicate the benefits to your customers. 

Prioritize comprehensive training to familiarize your team with the procedures for issuing digital membership cards, scanning and validating memberships, and troubleshooting common issues. 

Finally, create informational materials or conduct an awareness campaign to outline the key benefits of transitioning to digital membership cards.

Manage and update QR Code membership cards

QR codes on digital membership cards make it easy to manage and update member information. With PassKit, you can edit member details, and the QR code will be automatically updated. 

PassKit also automates the renewal and expiration process, sending alerts to members when necessary. 

In case of issues, such as QR codes not scanning properly or information not updating, maximum smartphone brightness and refreshing the app can usually resolve them.

Promote your QR code membership card

QR code membership card promotion

When you have crafted your digital membership card with PassKit, it’s time to leverage the strength of multichannel promotion to make your card easily accessible and maximize its visibility to your customers around the world. 

A balanced mix of digital and offline channels ensures you reach your audience effectively, taking advantage of each channel’s unique benefits.

Digital channels

PassKit’s capability integrates seamlessly with various digital channels to offer your customers the convenience they seek. Use email marketing to send personalized membership card downloads to your existing customer base. 

Social media platforms, another robust digital avenue, can amplify your reach, engaging customers where they spend a significant amount of their time. 

Incorporate POP marketing strategies and create and place high-impact promotional materials that prompt immediate action. Additionally, consider SMS marketing, an intimate and direct method, to alert customers about your loyalty program. 

Dive into SMS marketing best practices for insights on how to craft messages that enhance brand advocacy and encourage repeat visits.

Offline channels

While the digital world offers extensive reach, offline channels maintain their charm and effectiveness. 

For example, in-store displays and signage can capture the attention of customers, inviting them to join your loyalty program on the spot. It presents a hands-on approach to demonstrating how easy it is to get the digital benefits right as the customers visit your location.

Learn strategic placement and messaging techniques by exploring how you can win with in-store advertising.

Combining these efforts across both digital and offline channels ensures that no matter where your customers are, they can discover and take advantage of the convenience your QR code membership card offers.

This strategy not only increases the accessibility of your services but also strengthens customer engagement and loyalty.

Analyze data and gain insights

QR code membership card analytics

Leveraging the PassKit software effectively allows you to transform raw data into actionable insights that can enhance your membership card program.

Track membership card usage

You can monitor how often customers use your membership cards. This tracking allows you to see peak usage times. By understanding the importance of redemption rate, you’ll have a more precise picture of customer retention and how engaged your customers are with your loyalty program.

Evaluate your ROI

Use PassKit’s analytical tools to measure the financial performance of your loyalty program. Calculate the return on investment (ROI) by comparing program costs against generated revenue and new customer acquisitions.

Make informed business decisions based on insights

Armed with data, make strategic decisions to improve your membership program. If certain rewards are highly coveted, consider enhancing those benefits to retain and attract members. Conversely, if data shows underutilized features, you may decide to modify or remove them to optimize your resources.

Conclusion about QR code membership card

QR code membership cards have significantly transformed how we engage with member-exclusive platforms and have streamlined the process of membership verification.  Creating digital membership cards is now straightforward and cost-effective with PassKit’s services.

Key advantages:

  • Increased convenience: No more physical cards to lose or forget.
  • Eco-friendly: Reduce plastic and paper waste by switching to digital cards.
  • Easy management: Update details or benefits remotely in real-time.
  • Enhanced security: Unique QR codes offer a secure layer of protection against unauthorized use.

With PassKit, you are empowered to not only design these membership cards but also to manage them effortlessly. The integration of QR codes ensures that your members can enjoy a seamless and modern experience, which reflects positively on your brand’s reputation.

Make sure to educate your members on using these digital cards to harness their full potential. As you implement QR code membership cards, you are likely to observe a notable increase in member satisfaction and retention driven by the efficiency and innovation that these digital solutions provide.

Start a 45-day free trial now.

FAQs about QR code membership cards

Understanding how to leverage QR code membership cards can significantly enhance your loyalty program’s engagement and efficiency. These frequently asked questions will clarify common concerns and guide you in maximizing the benefits of digital membership cards.

What is a digital membership card?

A digital membership card is an electronic version of a traditional membership card. It typically includes a member’s details and a QR code that can be scanned for identification, access to member benefits, or transaction purposes. These cards are stored on mobile devices, offering members the convenience of not having to carry physical cards.

How to create a free digital membership card?

To create a free digital membership card, you can use platforms like PassKit. Begin by signing up for the service, designing your membership card template, and integrating your customer database. PassKit allows you to seamlessly distribute the newly created QR code membership cards directly to your customers’ mobile wallets.

Do QR codes expire?

QR codes themselves do not expire; once created, they can be used indefinitely. However, the information or links they are encoded with can be set to expire or change if you use dynamic QR codes. Check with your QR code generator or membership platform regarding expiration settings to ensure your QR codes align with your loyalty program’s structure.

Are QR codes safe?

QR codes are safe to use as long as they are generated and managed through reputable platforms. Ensure that the data encoded is encrypted, if necessary, and always direct users to secure websites. Exercise caution by providing QR codes directly to your members to avoid potential mishandling or fraudulent duplication.

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