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Gym Membership Card for Mobile Wallets: A Business Owner’s Guide



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gym membership card

Image source: Freepik

Gym membership cards play a vital role in the fitness industry, as 39% of the population in the US holds gym memberships. However, the digital revolution has significantly transformed the way these cards work.

Gym owners may now employ digital membership cards instead of traditional ones to give members easy access to gym facilities, track attendance, increase engagement and loyalty, and improve the entire experience. 

On the other hand, by using these cards with their mobile devices anytime they visit a gym, members can enjoy a wide range of benefits that contribute to their physical, mental, and overall well-being.

In this extensive guide, we will examine gym membership cards for mobile wallets, their pros and cons, and how to make the most of them to build a smooth fitness journey.

We will also explain how to use PassKit, our digital membership card app, to seamlessly design membership cards your clients can save and use with Apple and Google Wallet.

What is a gym membership card?

Gym membership cards are digital cards that serve as proof of membership for individuals who have joined a fitness facility. Membership ID cards typically contain important information, such as the client’s name, membership level, and a unique identification number. 

For gym owners, membership cards streamline operations, improve data management, and create opportunities for branding and marketing.

Gym membership cards can also be used for access control, to track visits, and to provide personalized benefits and services.

Why should you invest in a gym membership card?

gym membership card benefits

Image source: Freepik

Let’s explore some key advantages of implementing a membership card program.

Enhanced member experience

Gym membership cards allow for faster admission into gyms, removing the need for manual check-ins or paper-based systems. Members can scan their cards or present their digital passes to gain access, saving time and effort.

Personalized member benefits

Gym membership cards can provide members with unique advantages and services. For example, a card may grant access to exclusive classes, discounts on personal training sessions, or priority booking for popular fitness programs. 

Improved member engagement

You can send push notifications or updates to members’ devices, informing them about future events, special offers, or new classes. This direct contact increases member engagement and involvement in gym activities.

Data collection and analysis

Each card scan or swipe generates data on member attendance, facility usage, and preferences. It assists you in identifying patterns, tracking member behavior, and making sound decisions about gym operations and programming.

Earning on exclusive offers and discounts

By collaborating with local companies or fitness brands, you may offer additional perks to your members. Members can, for example, present their membership cards to earn discounts on exercise apparel, nutrition supplements, or wellness services.

Branding and marketing opportunities

Customized cards with the gym’s logo and branding create a sense of identity and loyalty among members. Additionally, digital membership cards allow you to promote your services and upcoming events offline and online, creating a connected customer experience.

Sustainability and cost savings

Digital membership cards contribute to sustainability initiatives by reducing the need for physical materials such as plastic or paper. 

They save money and natural resources by eliminating the costs associated with printing and distributing physical cards. Digital cards can be quickly updated or replaced, decreasing expenses and waste.

Integration with mobile wallets and wearable devices

Membership cards can be integrated with mobile wallets or wearable devices, allowing for seamless tracking of member activities and fitness progress. 

For example, members can sync their membership cards with fitness-tracking apps to monitor their workouts, set goals, and track their progress. This integration promotes a holistic approach to fitness and enhances the member experience.

However, integrating gym membership cards with mobile wallets provides even more benefits. Let’s discuss the most important ones.

Why should you create a gym membership card for mobile wallets?

Let’s discuss why you should adopt this modern approach and ditch paper or plastic cards forever.

Convenience and accessibility

Members can access their mobile wallet membership cards with a single tap on their mobile devices, providing maximum convenience. It simplifies the admission process and ensures members never forget or misplace their membership cards.

Instant availability

Traditional membership cards usually require printing and mailing, which causes delays in providing access to new members. New members can receive their mobile wallet cards immediately. This quick onboarding method increases member satisfaction while reducing administrative burdens.

Enhanced security

Gym owners and members both emphasize security. Membership cards in mobile wallets are encrypted and protected by smartphone security features, making them significantly more secure than physical cards that can be lost or stolen. 

Real-time updates

Details about gym memberships, such as membership levels and class schedules, can change often. Mobile wallet cards can be updated in real-time, ensuring users can access the most up-to-date information. This interactive feature keeps members informed and involved.


The fitness sector is constantly changing, and technology plays an important role. Gym owners can prepare for the future by using mobile wallet membership cards. They stay ahead of the curve by providing seamless, tech-savvy experiences to members.

Gym membership cards for mobile wallets represent a significant step forward for gym owners looking to enhance their services. However, there are a few drawbacks to this innovative approach.

Let’s discuss the most important ones.

Challenges with implementing gym membership cards

Let’s explore the key challenges that fitness centers often face when implementing gym membership card systems and examine strategies to overcome them.

Technical integration issues

To ensure smooth gym management, check for compatibility issues between software, access control systems, and membership databases. Conduct a system audit, choose compatible gym membership card systems, and seek help from IT professionals for a seamless transition.

Costs and budget constraints

To reduce costs when introducing gym membership cards, prioritize necessary features first, research financing options for equipment and systems, and assess the expected return on investment.

Member resistance to change

Due to tech fears and security concerns, members may oppose using digital gym cards. To ease resistance, communicate benefits, offer training, and seek feedback for program adjustments.

Member education and support

To ensure a smooth experience, educate gym members on how to use their membership cards. Provide user-friendly manuals, hands-on training, and 24/7 support for any card-related issues.

Training staff

For successful membership card implementation, train staff on issuing, troubleshooting, and deactivating. Encourage customer service and keep the team updated on system changes.

Scaling membership card programs

To handle growth, invest in scalable systems, use centralized management tools, and continuously evaluate the performance and scalability of your membership card program.

As you can see, you need to do much work to conduct a successful transition to gym membership cards. 

Luckily, PassKit is one of the best loyalty program management software that provides you with an all-in-one platform for handling the entire operation of your gym membership cards.

Let’s explain what PassKit is and how it works.

How to create gym membership cards with PassKit

design gym membership cards

PassKit is a leading mobile wallet service software that makes creating, managing, distributing, and analyzing gym membership cards a streamlined and efficient process. 

Our user-friendly platform enables you to design gym membership cards your customers can save and use with their mobile wallets to collect points and redeem rewards whenever they are at your gym.

The process is straightforward with our pre-made loyalty card design:

  • Start a free trial: Create a free account to test all features for 45 days. When the trial expires, you can choose one of your pricing options.
  • Access the Pass Designer: Use our drag-and-drop visual editor to create effective membership cards aligned with Google and Apple guidelines. No coding or design skills are required.
  • Select a template: Choose a pre-designed gym membership card template from PassKit’s library or create a custom design from scratch.
  • Add branding elements: Incorporate your gym’s logo, hero image and colors to maintain a consistent brand identity.
  • Include member information: Customize each card with member-specific details, such as name, status, and tier points.
  • Add additional fields: Arrange elements on the card to include additional information like secondary points, contact information and expiry date.
  • Prepare cards for scanning: Add a QR code or a barcode to make your membership cards easily scannable. With PassKit, you don’t need expensive hardware for this purpose – the PassReader app will work perfectly at your point of sale.
  • Preview and edit: Review the design and make any necessary adjustments to ensure it meets your gym’s visual standards.
  • Save and generate: Once satisfied with the design, save and create the gym membership cards for distribution.

With PassKit’s design tools, you can make visually appealing, on-brand membership cards that resonate with your members effortlessly.

Start a 45-day free trial to access our platform.

How to distribute gym membership cards with PassKit

distribute gym membership cards

PassKit offers various distribution options to cater to your gym’s needs. Here are some of them:

  1. NFC payment terminal: Can your payment terminals work with Apple VAS or Google SmartTap? Use PassKit to send enrolment requests on your customers’ phones and ask them to install your card or join your gym membership program.
  2. SMS marketing: Use SMS marketing to send membership cards directly to your customers’ smartphones. Share the digital pass URL via text message for easy installation and activation.
  3. Social media: When sharing the card URL, use an eye-catching image to present your offer and highlight its benefits to encourage downloads on both mobile and desktop.
  4. Receipt marketing: Promoting your gym offers through receipts is an effective way to acquire new program members. QR codes on receipts make it easy for customers to access your membership program and download their cards.
  5. Email marketing: PassKit simplifies email promotions for your membership program. You can easily upload a list of customer emails and automatically send them a personalized digital membership card.
  6. Official website: You can promote and distribute your membership card by including “Add to Wallet” and “Save to Phone” buttons on your company website.
  7. Marketing materials: Consider using a QR code on your promotional materials that directs visitors to a page where they can sign up for your membership program. Place the code near your gym to inform people about rewards, discounts, and special offers available to program members.

Activate a 45-day free trial to start distributing your membership cards.

How to analyze gym membership card performance

gym membership program performance

PassKit provides a user-friendly dashboard for tracking the effectiveness of your membership program. It delivers practical insights to assist you in figuring out how your clients perceive your program. 

gym membership program analytics

It includes tracking the number of enrolled members, installations or digital cards saved to Google or Apple Wallet, uninstalls or digital cards removed from mobile wallets, and the total number of cards deleted via the API or web interface. 

gym membership program performance

You can also track your loyalty program’s performance by day, month, or year or set custom dates to access all necessary data. 

mobile wallet analytics

Furthermore, PassKit lets you view charts that show which digital wallet providers your customers use actively. It also informs you about the distribution channel that brings the most customers to your membership program. 

You can see a breakdown of all passes installed on each distribution channel you might use, such as email marketing, SMS marketing, social media, and similar. 

membership cards distribution sources

It allows you to concentrate your efforts on where you can acquire more people to join your membership program. All you need to do is start a 45-day free trial to monitor your results.

Final words about the gym membership card

Gym membership cards powered by PassKit offer a comprehensive solution for health clubs looking to streamline operations, enhance member experiences, and improve security. 

With PassKit, you can create, design, distribute, and analyze gym membership cards efficiently. Our platform simplifies the management of memberships and elevates your gym’s brand image and member engagement.

By embracing PassKit’s innovative features and user-friendly interface, your gym can stay ahead in the competitive fitness industry, providing members with the convenience and benefits they deserve.

Invest in PassKit to transform your gym’s membership card system and unlock new possibilities for success in the fitness world.

Start a 45-day free trial now!

FAQs about gym membership card

What are gym key tags?

A gym key tag is a small plastic card or keychain fob given to gym members for facility access. They usually have a barcode or RFID chip scanned at the entrance for verification and admission.

What are access cards?

Access cards are physical or digital cards used to enter gym facilities. They often use RFID technology or magnetic stripes to authenticate the cardholder’s identity and grant access.

What is an ID system?

An ID system is a system that creates, manages, and verifies the identity of individuals. It typically includes ID cards, biometric authentication, and databases to ensure security and identification.

What is magnetic stripe?

A magnetic stripe is a black or brown stripe on the back of ID cards and access cards. It contains encoded data that can be read when swiped through a magnetic card reader, providing information like access permissions.

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