Digital Loyalty Cards Vs. Physical Loyalty Cards

Lukas O'Neill

Lukas O'Neill

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Digital Loyalty Cards Vs. Physical Loyalty Cards

Loyalty programs keep customer experiences fresh and exciting – giving buyers an extra reason for a return purchase. Traditionally, such programs included printed scratch cards, coupons, and vouchers. However, times have changed, and brands are digitizing their promotions in droves. It’s crucial to weigh the pros and cons of customer loyalty programs and assess the most feasible way forward. 

Digital customer loyalty card systems will continue to help your brand establish quality relationships with each customer by tailoring to their specific needs – but without the fuss. 

Business owners need to ask themselves, “what are customer loyalty cards if they never make it to the store?” Unlike physical loyalty cards, digital alternatives are more eco-friendly, and customers will never lose them. But that merely skims the surface of how going digital can transform your business for the better. 

Gain Insightful Customer Metrics

Digital loyalty schemes provide your business with exclusive insights into the unique spending habits of customers and demographics. Digital customer loyalty programs track the offers and discounts favored by each customer, which helps identify and manage their preferred purchases. Your loyalty card reward program keeps customers satisfied at the present while paving the way for long-term patronage. 

As a result, brands will have the data required to offer a personalized digital marketing loyalty program, leading to higher conversion and retention rates. Additionally, with insightful data, brands may compare loyalty programs to discover the approach that works best. On the other hand, while helpful, physical loyalty cards do not provide actionable data to take your future campaigns to the next level – pretty much a dead-end for business owners and marketers.

Benefit from Real-time Tracking 

Each digital loyalty card links to a customer’s online account. Unlike physical loyalty cards, where brands need to record every transaction and offer manually, digital cards save time with instantaneous changes. Essentially, with a digital loyalty punch card, brand staff can focus on value-added duties while automating loyalty programs. Real-time data provides loyalty programs with updated data to garner the most effective response. 

Additionally, automation avoids common human errors (i.e., missed offers) found in physical processes, which may compromise customer satisfaction levels and brand loyalty. Your online loyalty card program will keep customers satisfied without exception. 

Cater to Instant Gratification

The modern customer values instant gratification – understandably so in a fast-paced era where information and changes travel in a second. Physical loyalty cards require customers to head over to a store, submit them to a brand representative, and await approval. The whole process feels like a lifetime compared to the quick and easy taps on a mobile screen with digital loyalty cards

Additionally, customers do not need to contend with waiting times when signing up for or renewing a digital card membership. Brands should make the process seamless and foolproof, without customers stopping to ask, “how does a loyalty card system work?”. The arduous process of awaiting a mailed loyalty card may not appeal to modern customers, who may just hop over to a competitor offering digital loyalty programs. 

Develop Future Adaptability

The modern digital world moves and develops at a rapid pace. Digital loyalty cards can help businesses adapt to the ever-changing climate with quick updates and customizations to campaigns, keeping them relevant and appealing into the future. In comparison, physical loyalty cards may soon fall out of trend in an increasingly contactless society. 

Mobile, digital solutions give brands an edgy and exciting image, attracting modern customers who prioritize convenience and personalized experiences

Go Green 

Physical loyalty cards require brands to invest in recurring material costs and shipment fees. By going digital, brands can eliminate unnecessary expenses and do their part in creating a more sustainable environment, reducing the waste (i.e., plastic pollution) from single-use promotional items. A digital loyalty card system provides brands with the solution of communicating with customers while going green. 

Leverage the Mobile Trend

A majority of modern online shoppers purchase from the comforts of their mobile devices. Brands can attract a larger pool of customers with a mobile-friendly digital loyalty card. PassKit, our customer loyalty software, provides digital loyalty solutions conveniently accessible with Apple Wallet and Google Pay, which provides customers with a seamless experience without onboarding needs.   

When it comes down to it, modern customers are more likely to misplace their physical loyalty cards than their mobiles (since they exist on a person most of the time). 

While going digital may seem like the obvious choice by avoiding the common cons of loyalty cards – it can be complicated and overwhelming to transition without the technical know-how. That’s where PassKit comes in to simplify the process for your digital loyalty programs without the guesswork. 

Try one of PassKit’s sample passes today and see how you can elevate customer acquisition and retention with a leading digital card loyalty program. Satisfied customers await you. All you need is a solution with the right rewards every time.

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