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5 Best Email Management Tools to Send Digital Coupons



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email management tools

Image source: Brett Jordan

In the age of technology, companies are experimenting with distinct strategies to draw new and maintain existing customers. One of the most popular methods is to provide specials and promotions using digital coupons. 

Digital coupons are critical for increasing customer retention, especially since acquiring new customers is more expensive and consumers require a personalized customer experience.

Digital coupons, in contrast to paper coupons, have several benefits for businesses, such as improved effectiveness, convenience, and broader reach. 

PassKit is a comprehensive customer loyalty software for creating, managing and distributing digital coupons.

With PassKit, you can easily create loyalty program cards, provide a connected customer experience, and utilize multichannel distribution. You can also integrate PassKit with email management tools through Zapier to increase the impact of your loyalty program.

Want to see how it works? Start a 45-day free trial.

In this article, we will introduce you to digital coupons, explain how loyalty programs work, and share the best email management tools you can integrate with PassKit for coupon distribution.

Let’s start with some essential information. 

What are digital coupons?

PassKit digital coupon

Digital coupons are discount codes or promotions you can distribute electronically, typically through a mobile app, mobile wallet or website.

Unlike traditional paper coupons, you can easily track digital coupons and customize them to meet the specific needs of your business.

What are the advantages of using digital coupons over traditional coupons?

PassKit digital coupon

The use of digital coupons offers several advantages over traditional coupons, including increased efficiency, convenience, and accessibility. 

Customers can quickly redeem digital coupons using mobile devices, eliminating the need for paper coupons and reducing waste. 

Additionally, you can customize digital coupons and target specific customer segments, which gives you more effective marketing opportunities.

How can digital coupons benefit small businesses?

digital coupon benefits

Image source: Dan Burton

Digital coupons give you a competitive advantage. They help build relationships with existing customers, boost sales, and increase revenue by attracting new customers. You can incentivize customers to buy more, try new products, or even refer friends.

Digital coupons also help you save money. You can reduce advertising costs, as you don’t have to spend money on printed coupons or other traditional advertising methods. You can invest your budget in different business areas.

What are loyalty programs?

loyalty program statistics

Image source: Exploding Topics

Loyalty programs benefit businesses and customers. They help you build customer loyalty and improve customer retention by distributing loyalty customer cards and coupons. 

These programs give customers access to exclusive discounts, rewards, and experiences. For these reasons, loyalty programs have become essential in developing a customer experience strategy.

How can loyalty programs improve customer retention?

customer retention statistics

Image source: FinancesOnline

You can reinforce customer loyalty by establishing loyalty programs and incentivizing clients to return. These rewards and advantages often encourage customers to patronize the same business over an extended period.

How can loyalty programs increase sales?

loyalty program statistic

Image source: FinancesOnline

Loyalty programs have the potential to increase sales by giving buyers incentives to buy more products. 

For instance, a person who is a member of a loyalty program may be more apt to purchase if they are aware that they will acquire a bonus for doing so. 

Besides, loyalty programs can foster repeat business by motivating customers to purchase more items to get more rewards.

How effective are digital coupons for loyalty programs?

digital coupons for loyalty programs

Image source: CreditDonkey

Digital coupons make it easy for customers to access discounts and rewards, as you can send them directly to customers’ email or mobile devices. 

Customers enjoy the convenience of using their coupons at any time without having to remember to bring them or worry about forgetting them. 

You can customize digital coupons to meet the needs of each customer and tailor the discounts to their individual preferences, boosting your marketing efforts.

What is email management software?

email management tool

Image source: Unsplash

Email management software enables you to optimize email operations and facilitate arranging and supervising your email communications, including distributing digital coupons and loyalty program promotions. 

Such software can also inform your email campaigns’ success and help you track customer activities.

Why is email management necessary for your loyalty program?

email management tools

Image source: Unsplash

Email management is essential for any loyalty program because it effectively communicates important information to members. 

Email management ensures that customers are informed about new offers, rewards, and other exclusive content related to the loyalty program. 

It also allows for the easy tracking of customer engagement, more effective follow-up communications and further personalization of the program for customers. 

Additionally, you can use email management software to generate detailed reports to track program metrics such as redemption rates and customer satisfaction. 

What are the benefits of using an email management tool?

An email management tool can be a precious asset to businesses looking to distribute digital coupons. 

You can easily create and manage campaigns, track customer engagement and interaction, and measure the effectiveness of your efforts. 

Using an email management tool to distribute digital coupons helps you reach a larger audience and target customers most likely to take advantage of your offers. 

You can personalize messages to each customer based on their past purchasing behavior, interests, or other demographic information. 

By doing this, you can create more relevant and effective campaigns that result in higher sales.

What are the features of the best email management software?

email management software

Image source: Unsplash

The best email management software for distributing digital coupons should have several features to make it efficient. 

It should have a user-friendly interface to create, edit, and send out coupon campaigns. It should also have an intuitive drag-and-drop editor, allowing users to customize the look and feel of their emails. 

Additionally, it should include analytics tools so that users can track the performance of their campaigns. 

It should also provide customizable templates and email automation features, allowing users to send automated messages based on customer preferences or actions. 

Finally, it should have robust security protocols to ensure that customer data is secure and that emails are not sent to unauthorized recipients.

How to choose the right email management software for your business

When selecting the appropriate email management program for your company, it is vital to consider your particular requirements and objectives. 

Contemplate elements like your loyalty program features, the size of your clientele, do you need email templates, the kind of emails you want to send, how many inbox messages you have and your financial plan. You can approach email management software options as productivity tools for your tech stack.

Furthermore, explore and compare different email management systems to decide the most suitable one.

What is PassKit?

PassKit customer loyalty software

PassKit offers a single platform for managing digital coupons and loyalty programs.

It allows you to convert paper coupons to digital coupons customers can use with mobile wallets without downloading a separate app. 

To execute your contactless loyalty rewards programs, you can integrate PassKit into your processes without custom app building, complex development, or complicated configuration.

Customers can accumulate points, monitor their rewards in one place, and access them instantly when at your business with a few taps on their phones. 

You can also integrate PassKit with POS and CRM and use a multichannel distribution system to promote your digital coupons across all brand touchpoints.

What makes PassKit unique?

  • Contactless technology provides a safer option for transactions
  • Adopting a paperless system helps to protect the environment
  • There is no need to worry about designing or printing materials
  • It’s easy to set up, saving you time
  • It integrates with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Point of Sale (POS) systems to track loyalty information effectively

You can start a 45-day free trial to test all features.

How does PassKit work?

PassKit digital coupon

PassKit includes a digital coupon designer that provides an easy-to-use interface for creating custom loyalty cards. Our loyalty card design complies with Apple and Google guidelines. 

The digital coupon allows you to present your offer with an expiration date and custom fields to gather customer information, such as email address, mobile number, first and last name, gender, date of birth, and coupon status. 

You can customize our loyalty card templates to match your brand, adding your logo, colors, and a hero image. Coupons can also feature a barcode or QR code for quick scanning using the CodeREADr app

After creating your digital coupons, you can distribute them with email management tools.

Integration with Zapier

Zapier integration

Image source: Zapier

Zapier is a web-based platform that allows you to design and execute automated workflows and processes between applications and services. 

It connects numerous apps, allowing you to generate links between programs that would otherwise not be possible. 

With the combination of PassKit and Zapier, users can link PassKit with various email management tools.

For instance, Mailchimp integration lets you automatically add new members to your mailing list when customers register for PassKit. Additionally, you can trigger a Slack message to customer service teams when customers redeem your digital coupons.

Let’s explain how integration with email management tools helps you automate your digital coupon promotion and distribution.

Synchronizing contact records

PassKit synchronizes customer contact records, ensuring all data is up-to-date and accurate. It makes it easy to target specific customer groups and track the success of your campaigns.

Distributing digital coupons

distributing digital coupons with email management tools

PassKit lets you distribute digital coupons to customers without requiring them to install your app on their devices. 

To save and store digital coupons, customers can use several methods, including scanning a QR code in-store or nearby, and tapping a coupon link on a website, social media page, or online ad. 

When customers tap on a coupon link, they will automatically receive an email with their digital coupon attached. 

They can then download the coupon to their mobile wallet for easy access and use. It makes the distribution and use of digital coupons convenient and accessible to customers.

Issuing new coupons

You can automate the process of issuing new coupons to customers. 

When specific actions are triggered within PassKit, such as reaching a particular loyalty points threshold, email management tools can automatically issue a new coupon to the customer.

It helps streamline the process and ensures that customers receive new digital coupons promptly and efficiently. 

You can also synchronize data between PassKit and email management tools, making it easier to manage customer information and keep track of the number of issued coupons. 

Overall, it helps you improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your customer loyalty program.

Redeeming coupons

The coupon redemption can trigger an action in Zapier that updates the customer’s information in the email management tool. 

This way, whenever a customer redeems a coupon, PassKit can mark it as used and update the customer’s information accordingly.  You can track which vouchers have been saved and by which customers. 

This information can also help you understand the redemption rate of your coupons, allowing you to make informed decisions about future offers.

Real-time analytics

PassKit digital coupon analytics

PassKit offers advanced analytics helping you evaluate how your loyalty program is performing and how to improve it.

You can access complete data on coupon utilization rates, customer actions, and other relevant metrics, empowering you to improve your campaigns and increase your success. 

Taking advantage of PassKit allows you to make decisions based on data, resulting in increased sales, customer satisfaction, and general business expansion.

What are the best email management tools that work with PassKit

There are many email management apps to choose from. You can use them to automate email campaigns, manage subscribers and measure the outcome of email campaigns. 

Several top email management software solutions that work with PassKit include Mailchimp, Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, Sendinblue and Constant Contact. 

Each tool provides distinct features and benefits, making it crucial to decide which best meets your requirements. 


Mailchimp email management tool

Image source: Kinsta

Mailchimp is a leading email management platform and is perfectly compatible with PassKit. 

It features a convenient drag-and-drop email designer and a straightforward user interface, making creating and sending professional-looking emails a breeze. 

It allows you to automate your email campaigns and manage your subscribers easily.

Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook email management tool

Image source: Microsoft

Microsoft Outlook is a widely used email management tool in many organizations. By integrating PassKit with Outlook, you can send targeted emails to your customers and subscribers and keep track of their engagement with the messages.

Outlook also offers a variety of features that help with organization, such as appointment scheduling, reminders, and answering customer inquiries and customer requests. 

The shared inbox feature in Outlook also makes it one of the excellent team email management tools.


Gmail email management tool

Image source: Gmelius

Gmail is a widely used, free email management software that integrates smoothly with PassKit. 

Its user-friendly interface and practical features, such as spam blocking and email sorting, make it easy to manage incoming emails and organize your inbox. 

Combining Gmail with PassKit can automate your email marketing campaigns and help you reach your target audience.


Sendinblue email management tool

Image source: Digidop

Sendinblue email marketing features allow you to create and send professional-looking emails to subscribers, while its SMS marketing features enable you to reach customers through text messaging. 

The platform also includes a CRM tool that allows you to track and manage customer interactions and a chat feature that helps you communicate with customers in real-time.

It helps you improve your marketing and sales processes, streamline customer communication, and grow your business.

Constant Contact

Constant Contact email management tool

Image source: Constant Contact

Constant Contact is a popular email marketing and automation platform that helps you connect with your customers and grow your business. The software provides various tools and features to help you create, send, and track the success of email marketing campaigns.

You can create and send professional-looking emails to subscribers, design sign-up forms to build an email list, and automate email campaigns based on subscriber behavior. 

The software also provides robust reporting and analytics tools to help you understand the success of your email campaigns and make data-driven decisions.

Best practices for designing email campaigns for digital coupons

When creating email campaigns for digital coupon distribution, you can implement the following best practices:

  • Choose an appropriate subject line that stands out and entices readers to open the email.
  • Include a clear call to action (CTA) button, such as “Activate Coupon” or “Redeem Now.” 
  • Use attractive, on-brand visuals to draw attention.
  • Personalize the message to make it feel more authentic.
  • Keep the email copy concise and focused on the key message.
  • Share messaging about urgency and exclusivity to encourage a better response rate.
  • Allow customers to easily opt out of receiving further emails.
  • Consider using split tests to identify the most successful design and content.
  • Send email campaigns at the optimum time for your target audience.

In addition, segmenting your customer base will help you deliver a personalized experience and increase satisfaction with your brand.

The key takeaways on email management tools

Distributing digital coupons with email management tools is a highly effective way to reach customers and drive engagement and loyalty. 

By integrating customer loyalty software such as PassKit and email management platforms, you can automate sending targeted coupons to customers and track their redemption rates. 

It allows you to understand the effectiveness of your coupon campaigns, make informed decisions, and continuously improve your marketing strategies.

Overall, PassKit helps you create a more streamlined and effective distribution process, increase customer engagement and loyalty, and drive business growth.

So why wait? Start your 45-day free trial.

FAQs about email management tools

Here are the answers to frequently asked questions about email management tools.

What is the best email management tool?

It is hard to decide on a single email management tool suitable for all individuals or businesses as it is subjective and based on individual requirements and objectives.

When selecting an email management tool, you must consider the size of your email list, the number of emails sent each month, and the level of automation you need. 

Then you can make the right decision for your specific needs.

What are some tools for keeping emails organized?

It is imperative to stay on top of communications and prevent information from becoming overwhelming. Hence organizing emails is essential. 

There are a variety of tools accessible to both individuals and companies to manage their inboxes more efficiently. 

Popular email management tools such as Mailchimp, Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, Sendinblue, and Constant Contact offer features like email categorization, filtering, and searching to help users organize and store emails.

Is Outlook an email management system?

Microsoft Outlook is a popular email system due to its extensive features. 

It offers the ability to classify, rank, and filter emails, as well as the capacity to conduct advanced searches. It also provides tools for calendaring, task organization, and contact management. 

Outlook is compatible with Microsoft Exchange, OneDrive, and other Microsoft products, making it possible to collaborate with team members. All these features make it a favored system for professional and personal use.

What is the best replacement for Outlook?

When selecting a replacement for Microsoft Outlook, it’s vital to consider elements such as the number of emails you send each month, the size of your email list, and the amount of automation you require. 

A few popular options are Gmail, Mailchimp, Sendinblue, and Constant Contact. Gmail has a user-friendly interface with solid spam filtering and categorization abilities, while Mailchimp is praised for its drag-and-drop email builder and automation features. 

Sendinblue and Constant Contact are popular for their complete reporting and email automation features. Other email management systems such as Apple Mail, Zoho Mail, and FastMail present similar features to Outlook and can be considered substitutes. 

Whichever tool you decide on, consider your individual or business needs and objectives.

What is the best tool to manage multiple email accounts?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best tool for managing multiple email accounts will vary depending on individual needs and preferences. 

However, some popular options include Gmail, Microsoft Outlook, and Hiri, known for their efficiency, organizational features, and ability to handle multiple email accounts.

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