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5 Best Loyalty Program Apps for Small Businesses 



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Customer loyalty is crucial for small businesses. It becomes even more significant when you consider that acquiring a new customer can cost five times more than retaining an existing one. 

Building a successful loyalty program has become an essential strategy for many businesses to incentivize repeat purchases and strengthen brand recognition.

Loyalty programs reward customers with points or perks as they continue to make purchases or engage with the business in some way. These rewards could range from discounts, free shipping on future orders, and gift cards to exclusive access to new products or services.

However, you need to use digital solutions that simplify creating and managing these programs while providing a seamless experience for loyal customers.

To help you retain clients, boost sales, and foster brand advocacy, we have researched and compiled a list of the top five loyalty apps you can implement into your workflow today to optimize your customer incentive programs.

Let’s dive in!

Our parameters for choosing the best loyalty program apps

best loyalty program apps

Image source: Unsplash

When evaluating top customer loyalty program software, we considered several critical parameters:

  1. Features and functionality: The best loyalty software provides a complete suite of tools to manage customer rewards programs effectively. It includes a point reward system, tiered rewards, referral programs, push notifications, and customer analytics.
  2. User-friendliness: A loyalty program app should be intuitive for business owners setting up the program and customers participating. Apps with easy onboarding processes, customizable interfaces, and seamless integration with existing systems scored higher on our list. 
  3. Cost-effectiveness: We evaluated the pricing structures of these apps, keeping in mind the scalability and ROI they offer. We also considered pricing plans that offer free trial periods, which can make specific tools more appealing than others, depending on your business model. 
  4. Customer support: Responsive and knowledgeable customer support can make a difference in ensuring smooth implementation and troubleshooting. We searched for customer loyalty apps that provide excellent customer support, including helpful resources and timely assistance.
  5. Pricing: We evaluated the pricing details of each loyalty program app, including any free plans, subscription plans, and add-on costs.
  6. Integration with third-party tools: The loyalty app should easily integrate with your existing POS and CRM systems, email management tools, marketing automation tools or e-commerce platforms without requiring significant setup time or resources.
  7. Current user reviews: Customer feedback and ratings provide valuable insights into real-world usage scenarios, which might not be obvious from product descriptions alone. It allowed us to gauge user satisfaction and identify any potential red flags.

Based on the abovementioned criteria, we made informed decisions and selected the best customer loyalty program apps for your business.

The best loyalty program apps for your small business

If you’re a business owner looking to create or revamp your existing loyalty rewards program, this list will provide you with the best apps for customer loyalty programs you can use to build a loyal customer base and grow your business.

1. PassKit

PassKit best loyalty program app

PassKit is an all-in-one customer loyalty software that brings digital transformation benefits to your company. 

Using PassKit, you can replace traditional reward programs and loyalty cards with digital passes for Apple and Google Wallet, which consumers widely use and trust.

These passes include digital membership cards, loyalty program cards, coupons, e-gift cards, boarding passes and digital tickets your customers can store in their mobile wallets and use whenever at your business location to collect loyalty points and redeem rewards. 

Since it doesn’t require custom app building, coding or design skills, PassKit is suitable even for beginners to set up reward programs quickly.

All you need to do is start a 45-day free trial to access the platform.

Features list

PassKit features

Here’s how PassKit helps you boost customer retention and customer engagement with your loyalty program:

  • Multi-industry coverage: PassKit offers loyalty program solutions that cater to various industries, including retail, hospitality, travel, entertainment, and more. Businesses from different sectors can leverage PassKit to create and manage loyalty programs specific to their industry needs.
  • Pass Designer: With PassKit, you’ll get loyalty card design templates aligned with Google and Apple guidelines. You can use a drag-and-drop interface to create visually appealing loyalty cards, membership cards, coupons, and mobile wallet passes aligned with your branding. 
  • Loyalty program management: It provides comprehensive loyalty program management capabilities. You can set up and configure your loyalty programs, define reward structures and rules, track customer activity, and manage member profiles from a centralized platform.
  • Mobile wallet APIs and SDKs: PassKit enables you to integrate loyalty programs with popular platforms like Apple and Google Wallet. It allows customers to conveniently store and access their loyalty cards and rewards on their mobile devices.
  • PassReader Scanning App: You can scan and validate loyalty cards and passes. This iOS and Android app lets you quickly verify customer rewards and track redemption activity, providing a seamless experience.
  • Automated rewards: You can set up rules and triggers for rewarding customers automatically. It helps you keep customers engaged and encourages repeat purchases.
  • Multichannel distribution: PassKit lets you distribute your loyalty passes and cards through multiple online and offline channels, including email, SMS, social media, and websites. It ensures that customers can easily access and add loyalty cards to their mobile wallets, increasing program participation and engagement.
  • Push notifications: This feature lets you send targeted messages to customers via mobile devices. You can communicate important updates, promotions, or personalized offers, keeping customers informed and engaged with your loyalty program.
  • Location-based alerts: PassKit uses geolocation technology to send targeted notifications to customers near a specific location. You can deliver relevant offers or reminders to customers, increasing foot traffic and driving in-store visits.
  • Real-time analytics and reporting: You can access loyalty program data on customer engagement, redemption rates, program performance, and more. It helps you optimize your loyalty programs and measure the effectiveness of your strategies.
  • Multi-language support: You can create loyalty passes and cards in different languages to cater to a diverse customer base and provide a personalized experience to customers in their preferred language, enhancing their satisfaction.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to build strong customer relationships and increase revenue. 

Start a 45-day free trial now to create your loyalty program today!


PassKit integrations

Image source: Zapier

PassKit provides numerous integrations to help you optimize your workflow. Besides Apple and Google Wallets, it can seamlessly connect with your POS and CRM systems. 

It’s also one of the best Shopify loyalty apps for ecommerce loyalty programs.

Thanks to Zapier, you have plenty of options at your disposal. Read the following articles to learn more:

You can also access PassKit Developer Kit to learn more about mobile wallet APIs and SDKs.

Customer support

Users praise Passkit’s customer support for its quick response times and helpful guidance. You can reach out via live chat or visit the help center.


PassKit provides a 45-day free trial to test all features. When the trial expires, you can pay as you grow and get discounts as your usage grows. Visit our Pricing page to calculate your monthly costs.


  • Real-time dynamic passes
  • Mobile wallet compatibility
  • Multi-language support
  • Comprehensive loyalty program management
  • Automated rewards and triggers
  • Multichannel distribution
  • Real-time analytics and reporting
  • Versatile integrations
  • Scalability and flexibility
  • Excellent customer support


  • PassKit doesn’t provide free plan.

Sign up for PassKit today and create a loyalty program that engages and rewards your customers.

2. WaveToGet

WaveToGet loyalty software

Image source: Software Advice

WaveToGet helps small businesses, such as coffee shops, restaurants, retailers, and gyms, incentivize repeat purchases by providing an easy-to-use and effective loyalty program app. 

In addition to the standard reward functionalities like gift cards and reward points tracking, WaveToGet can integrate directly into Google Play, which enhances brand recognition and keeps customers engaged while promoting return visits.

User rating

WaveToGet holds a 5 out of 5-star rating on Capterra, reflecting its popularity among users.

Features list

  • Membership management: WaveToGet allows you to manage your membership programs, including corporate memberships.
  • Loyalty campaigns: You can create loyalty programs that reward customers for purchases. Customers can tap their loyalty card on a card reader every time they complete a purchase and convert the rewards points to the monetary value they can use in the future.
  • Smart technology: WaveToGet utilizes chip technology, enabling you to use the card for promotions, collecting points, instant savings, and gift certificates.
  • CRM: It includes a built-in customer relationship management (CRM) system that allows you to manage your customer data and track customer activity.
  • Discount management: It includes a discount management system that allows you to create and manage deals for your customers.
  • Gift card system: WaveToGet allows you to create and manage gift cards for your customers.


Unfortunately, there is no information about available integrations.

Customer support

In case of any issues, you can contact the company via live chat, email or phone.


WaveToGet provides three paid plans:

  1. Basic plan for $99 per month with a 12-month contract 
  2. Single plan for $199 per month without a contract
  3. Ultimate plan for $490 as a one-time yearly payment 

There is no free trial or a free plan.


  • Simple setup process
  • QR code scanning for easy rewards redemption


  • UI could be better
  • Lack of advanced features
  • Limited customization options 
  • Lack of integrations

3. Glue Loyalty

Glue Loyalty software

Image source: Capterra

With its user-friendly interface and robust features, Glue Loyalty empowers businesses to create personalized loyalty programs that drive customer engagement, increase repeat purchases, and foster brand advocacy.

User rating

Glue Loyalty has earned a solid 4.7 out of 5-star rating from satisfied users on Capterra. It reflects positive experiences with the app’s features and functionalities.

Features list

  • Points and stamp-based rewards: Glue Loyalty offers points-based and stamp-based reward systems, allowing you to choose the most suitable approach for your loyalty program.
  • Variety of digital cards: You can create loyalty cards, membership cards, and coupons.
  • Automated loyalty manager: It provides automation features enabling you to engage with customers through personalized campaigns and promotions without manual effort.
  • Customer segmentation: Glue Loyalty allows you to segment your customer base, tailoring rewards and offers based on customer behaviors and preferences.
  • Referral program: The app offers a built-in referral program to encourage customers to refer friends and family, expanding your customer base.
  • Branded loyalty app: Customers can download a mobile app and create personal profiles to track their loyalty program status and rewards.
  • Real-time analytics: It lets you gain valuable insights into customer behaviors and loyalty program performance.


Glue Loyalty integrates with LightSpeed, Square, Quickbooks, WooCommerce and Shopify.

Customer support

The support team is available via email or live chat from Monday to Friday. You can also visit their help center for more information.


Glue Loyalty provides a free trial and a free plan for up to 3 active members. It also offers three paid plans:

  1. Growth for $35/month or $28/year for up to 500 members
  2. Autonomous club for $159/month or $127/year for up to 1,000 members
  3. Autonomous club+POS integration for $199/month or $159/year for up to 2,000 members


  • Customizable loyalty programs tailored to individual business needs
  • Automated marketing for targeted customer engagement
  • Customer segmentation for personalized rewards
  • Built-in referral program for customer acquisition
  • Real-time analytics for data-driven decision-making


  • Some users may find the range of features overwhelming at first
  • Advanced customization may require technical expertise
  • The UI could be better

4. Smile loyalty software

Image source: G2 is a loyalty program well-known for its user-friendly interface and effective rewards system for merchants and customers. With, you can create a point-based system, VIP tiers or a referral program to boost your business.

User rating scores 4.1 out of 5 stars on G2. Users appreciate its easy-to-use interface and robust features.

Features list

  • Points and VIP program: offers points-based rewards and VIP tiers, allowing you to incentivize customers for various actions and behaviors.
  • Referral rewards: The app includes a robust referral program that incentivizes customers to refer friends and family, leading to organic customer acquisition and enhanced brand reach.
  • Branding: You can align the rewarding panel with your branding, adding custom colors, images, icons or texts.
  • Customizable rewards emails: It enables you to send personalized rewards emails, fostering a sense of exclusivity and appreciation among customers.
  • Nudges: This feature helps you boost customer engagement by sending them on-site reminders about their points and rewards.
  • Customer analytics: You can gain valuable insights into customer behaviors and preferences to optimize your loyalty program for maximum impact.
  • Multi-language support: You can translate your offers into French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, or Simplified Chinese.

Integrations integrates with popular eCommerce platforms like Shopify, Shopify Plus, BigCommerce and Wix. You can also connect it with apps like Mailchimp, Klaviyo, HubSpot, Yotpo and more.

Customer support

The support team is available via live chat and email. You can also visit their help center to find answers to common questions.

Pricing provides a free plan and three paid plans for Shopify, BigCommerce and Wix:

  1. Starter plan for $49/month for up to 500 orders. It includes basic loyalty features.
  2. Growth plan for $199/month for up to 2,500 orders and $20 for additional 100 orders. It includes a VIP tier feature.
  3. Plus plan for $999/month for up to 7,500 orders and $5 for additional 100 orders. It includes data access.

A special plan for Wix costs $49/month and includes a referral program, custom branding, and advanced analytics.


  • User-friendly interface for easy setup and management
  • Referral rewards system for customer acquisition
  • Integrations with popular eCommerce platforms
  • Personalized rewards emails for enhanced customer engagement


  • Advanced features may require higher-tier plans
  • Limited customization options for some features
  • The starter plan only allows one integration
  • The free plan is very limiting

5. LoyaltyLion

LoyaltyLion customer loyalty platform

Image source: Capterra

LoyaltyLion integrates with various eCommerce platforms, making setting up and managing your digital loyalty program easy. The platform also provides detailed analytics and insights into your customers’ behavior, enabling you to improve your marketing strategies for maximum impact.

User rating

LoyaltyLion scores a solid 4.6 out of 5-star rating on Capterra.

Features list

  • Notifications: LoyaltyLion’s notification feature allows real-time communication with customers triggered by actions such as points earned, rewards unlocked, or upcoming promotions, keeping them engaged and informed about your loyalty program.
  • Loyalty emails: You can send targeted loyalty emails that include personalized offers, points and rewards updates, and exclusive promotions.
  • Loyalty tiers: You can set up a tiered loyalty program that rewards customers based on spending and engagement. Each tier has unique benefits and incentives to encourage customers to move up in the program.
  • In-cart rewards: Customers can redeem their loyalty points or rewards at checkout, increasing satisfaction and loyalty. 
  • Referrals: You can leverage existing customers to acquire new customers and expand your customer base through word-of-mouth marketing.
  • Loyalty analytics: It provides valuable insights into customer behavior, engagement levels, and the overall performance of the loyalty program. It also helps you assess customer lifetime worth and prioritize your most valuable customers.


LoyaltyLion provides robust integrations with popular third-party apps like Shopify, HubSpot, Klaviyo, Mailchimp, Omnisend and Recharge.

Customer support

LoyaltyLion offers plenty of options to help you learn how to use its platform. You can enroll in LoyaltyLion Academy or use their Loyalty planner, ROI calculator and retention scoresheet.

If you still need help, you can visit the developer portal or help center or hire an expert to guide you through the process.


LoyaltyLion provides a free trial and three paid plans you can pay monthly or annually. However, they are not transparent about their pricing.

The Classic plan costs $399/month and includes basic features. You need to subscribe to either the Advanced or Plus plan to access advanced features. You can contact their sales team to learn more about pricing.


  • Gamification features for enhanced customer engagement
  • Referral program for organic customer acquisition
  • Comprehensive customer behavior analytics for data-driven decisions
  • Integration with popular eCommerce platforms


  • Some businesses may find the gamification features less suitable for their target audience
  • Advanced customization options may require higher-tier plans
  • Users complain on the customer service
  • UI could be improved
  • Some users want more integration options
  • A high learning curve for less tech-savvy users

Best apps for customer loyalty programs: Summary

Let’s summarize the key features and strengths of each of the top five loyalty program apps we reviewed in this article.

PassKitWaveToGetGlue LoyaltySmile.ioLoyaltyLion
Best forSmall to large businessesSmall to medium-sized businessesSmall to medium-sized businessesSmall to medium-sized businessesFast growth eCommerce merchants with high potential repeat purchase rates
Key featuresMobile wallet passes, loyalty programs, multichannel distribution, advanced analyticsGift cards, reward points tracking, discount management, Google Play appBranded loyalty app, point and stamp-based rewards, automated loyalty managerPoint-based system, VIP tiers, a referral program, nudges and rewards emailsNotifications, loyalty emails, loyalty tiers, in-cart rewards, referrals, loyalty analytics
Mobile wallet integrationYesNoNoNoNo
Customer supportLive chat and help centerLive chat, phone and emailEmail and live chat on working daysLive chat, and emailDeveloper portal, help center, hire an expert
Free trialYes, 45 daysNoYesYesYes
PricingStarts at $39.50 for 250 membersStarts at $99 per month with a yearly contractStarts at $35 for 500 membersStarts at $49 for 500 ordersStarts at $399 per month

Best loyalty program apps: Our verdict

PassKit customer loyalty software

After comprehensive comparison of the top loyalty program apps, it is clear that PassKit emerges as the ultimate choice for businesses seeking an all-in-one solution to boost customer loyalty and retention

From creating personalized loyalty passes to tracking customer engagement, PassKit offers a seamless and integrated experience.

Regardless of the business type, PassKit offers the flexibility to design loyalty programs tailored to various industries’ unique needs and objectives. Whether you’re a retail store, a restaurant, or a service provider, PassKit caters to your specific requirements.

With PassKit, you can create digital loyalty programs that resonate with modern consumers, offering convenience and engagement. You can replace traditional loyalty cards with digital passes accessible on customers’ smartphones, leading to increased customer interaction.

PassKit seamlessly integrates with mobile wallets, ensuring a smooth customer experience and easy access to loyalty passes. Customers can conveniently store and manage rewards directly on their smartphones, increasing engagement and redemption rates.

PassKit loyalty program app

The Pass Designer, our online design tool, empowers you to create visually appealing and branded loyalty passes effortlessly. With easy-to-use templates and customization options, you can design loyalty passes that reflect your brand identity and captivate your customers.

PassKit enables the creation of various digital pass types, offering customers diverse and engaging reward options. Whether it’s points-based rewards, discount cards, or exclusive offers, PassKit allows you to customize loyalty passes to suit your brand and customer preferences.

With Zapier integration, you can automate tasks and streamline loyalty program operations. PassKit’s compatibility with Zapier opens up possibilities for enhancing your loyalty program’s efficiency and effectiveness.

PassKit lets you distribute loyalty passes across multiple channels, reaching customers where they prefer to engage. Whether through email, SMS, or social media, PassKit ensures your loyalty program remains accessible and visible to your target audience.

PassKit push up notifications

You can leverage push notifications and location-based alerts to keep customers informed and engaged. By delivering personalized messages and offers based on customer behavior and location, you can create a more interactive loyalty experience.

PassKit also allows tracking redemption rates, ROI, and other critical data, providing valuable insights for refining loyalty programs. Gain a deep understanding of customer behavior and loyalty program performance for continuous improvement.

With its impressive feature set, user-friendly interface, and superior customer support, PassKit stands out as the best loyalty program app for businesses of all sizes and industries. 

Ready to elevate your customer loyalty and drive business growth? 

Sign up for PassKit now and start creating robust digital loyalty programs to leave a lasting impression on your customers! 

FAQs about the best loyalty program apps

Let’s answer the most common questions about loyalty program apps.

What is the most popular loyalty program?

The most popular loyalty program incentivizes repeat purchases with rewards such as points, discounts, and exclusive benefits. Customers can accumulate these rewards and redeem them for perks or free items. Programs often include referral, VIP, and personalized offers to engage customers.

What is a customer loyalty app?

A customer loyalty app is a digital platform that helps businesses implement and manage loyalty programs. 

These apps offer a range of features to create and track loyalty initiatives effectively, including issuing digital rewards, engaging with customers through personalized campaigns, collecting valuable customer data, and analyzing program performance. 

Using customer loyalty apps, businesses can transition from traditional paper-based loyalty programs to modern, digital approaches, enhancing customer engagement and retention.

What is the Kangaroo loyalty program?

The Kangaroo loyalty program is a popular app businesses use to create custom loyalty programs. The app offers reward options like points, stamps, and cashback, encouraging repeat visits and customer engagement. 

With its user-friendly interface and seamless POS integration, the Kangaroo loyalty program streamlines loyalty management for businesses of all sizes.

Do loyalty reward programs work?

Loyalty reward programs are highly effective in retaining customers and driving sales. They offer exclusive benefits and incentives for brand loyalty, leading to increased satisfaction and repeat purchases. 

By fostering solid connections, businesses can maintain customer loyalty in competitive markets with a personalized and rewarding experience. 

Consider incorporating a loyalty program app like PassKit that aligns with your business’s goals and target audience to create memorable experiences and lasting relationships with your brand.

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