Top 5 Examples of Customer Reward Programs

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Top Five Examples of Customer Reward Programs

There is never a one-size-fits-all solution for customer reward programs – seeing how buyer needs vary. However, over the years, there have been inspirational examples that have proven wildly successful for their effort and originality. Customer loyalty programs will remain a priority among businesses as recent trends indicate that 75% of customers are willing to spend more on a brand that offers a good customer experience

While copying a competitor’s golden formula shouldn’t be the way to go, these examples may provide exciting elements to set the stage for your brand’s next winning campaign.  

The Diverse World of Customer Reward Programs

Ideally, a reward program should increase customers and retain existing patrons (extend customer lifetime value). The most popular types of loyalty programs include memberships that enable shoppers to redeem points for limited-time offers and discounts and offer customer rewards based on their purchasing history. 

You need to select customer loyalty software and design a customer reward strategy that is sustainable and appealing for the most cost-effective results. According to market research, 90% of businesses have some form of customer reward program in place. You might be missing out on an effective business strategy without a reward program that keeps your customers engaged. 

#1 – Ben and Jerry’s Social Reward Projects

Customer reward systems aren’t strictly monetary points programs – as proven by Ben and Jerry’s drive for social awareness and change. The household ice-cream brand empowers customers by making them an essential part of their ongoing social campaigns through purchasing limited-time flavors, where proceeds go to various charities and communities. 

Most modern-day customers desire to become a part of something bigger than themselves, and contributing to a socially responsible brand does just that.  

#2 – McDonald’s Hyper-Personalized Approach

The brand with the golden arches will soon release a customer reward program that takes personalization to the next level. McDonald’s will launch its new and improved program in the later part of 202, where counter staff will greet customers by name when taking orders and feature a four-tiered rewards system. 

McDonald’s reward system caters to customers as well as the staff who complete specific training goals. Additionally, the restaurant franchise aims to make the program highly accessible by offering various payment modes, including credit/debit cards, e-wallets, and cash. 

#3 – Sephora’s Community-Based Programs

Sephora is a make-up giant known for providing beauty lovers with a diverse selection of quality products. The brand’s customer reward program features a points system where shoppers can redeem a choice of attractive gifts. But the highlight of Sephora’s reward system lies behind its member-exclusive BeautyInsider hub, where customers can exchange beauty tips and product advice. 

By gathering customers together, Sephora essentially establishes a self-sustaining reward program with a community united by shared interest. 

#4 – Gamification with Starbucks 

Gamification is a strategy that creates exciting and interactive customer experiences. As the term might suggest, gamification borrows highly valued aspects from the gaming community, specifically achievements and ranking systems. Starbucks’ customer reward program provides opportunities for members to earn stars exchangeable for free food and beverages with each order. 

Starbucks’ “ranking system” depends on the shopper’s preferred mode of payment. For example, the scan and pay option earns one star per dollar spent while preloading Starbucks’ digital cards earns customers twice the amount. Starbucks also features a strategy commonly seen in online video games where members can double the points earned on certain special event days (double star days), leading to a potential surge in purchases.

On top of Starbucks’ gamification elements, the reward program provides personalized birthday treats and free coffee refills – small gestures that show appreciation for every valued member and promote customer retention

#5 – Your Brand – with Digital Loyalty Cards

Going digital is a rule rather than an exception in the modern age. Your brand has the potential to score it big time with prospective and existing customers through the power of digital reward cards. PassKit offers digital loyalty and advanced member manager solutions that will keep your customers interested and engaged with your brand now and into the future.  

We will help provide a contactless customer experience that leverages Google Pay and Apple Wallet – two of the most popular digital wallets used by most customers (eliminating pesky onboarding/tutorials).  

Try one of PassKit’s sample passes today and see how you can elevate customer acquisition and retention with a leading digital card loyalty program. Satisfied customers await you. All you need is a solution with the right rewards every time.

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