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How Loyalty Business Cards Help You Stop Losing Customers



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loyalty business cards

Image source: Unsplash

It has become increasingly challenging to retain and attract new customers. People now easily search for information, so discovering different brands and their products or services is easier.

One thing has remained the same – consumers stick with those businesses that nurture relationships. Although product or service quality still matters, you must give more to your consumers—for instance, loyalty business cards.

According to research, 72% of US adults are members of at least one loyalty program. They appreciate a business that puts their needs first. Giving consumers rewards, points, miles, or vouchers can make any company stand out.

You could implement loyalty business cards if you own coffee shops, gyms, hotels, nail salons, or restaurants. It’s less time-consuming and more cost-effective if you leverage PassKit, a digital loyalty platform, to create, manage and run your loyalty program.

We developed PassKit to ensure businesses like yours meet customer needs and wants. Our platform offers a quick and easy way to create digital loyalty cards. A few clicks are all it takes to launch your program.

The best part is that you don’t need coding or graphic design skills to use PassKit. You don’t have to worry about custom app development. A subscription to PassKit is all you need to make your digital loyalty business card dream a reality.

Sign up for your free trial now!

This article will discuss loyalty business cards, their benefits, and why PassKit is a good choice for your business.

What are loyalty business cards?

Loyalty business cards are a form of incentive a business provides to customers. They ensure a buyer gets the most out of their purchase. Each card scan accumulates points and awards customers different benefits, such as special offers.

A survey revealed that 50% of consumers would join a loyalty program to earn rewards and points on everyday purchases. Customers coming to your business want special attention and care. There’s no better way to show them your appreciation than loyalty business cards.

How do customer loyalty cards work?

Customer loyalty cards can be paper, plastic and digital. Users receive them the moment they join a loyalty program. They encourage repeat business.

Each card has a barcode or number linked to a consumer’s account. A quick scan of the barcode at the point of sale (POS) or use of the card online ensures that a customer earns points. 

Over time, customers receive discounts, rewards, or vouchers depending on their accumulated points. Consumers can then use the incentives to purchase a product or service at a lower price, decrease their receipts or get gifts.

These cards also help companies discover and understand a buyer’s purchasing habits. You can leverage this information to develop strategies that retain repeat customers and catch the eye of new ones.

What businesses benefit the most from loyalty cards

loyalty business cards benefits

Image source: Unsplash

The short and quick answer is every business. Loyalty programs are perfect for all consumers.

You’re up against fierce competition regardless of your industry. It is crucial to prove that customers made the right choice by choosing you instead of a competitor. A custom loyalty card brings them closer to your company.

PassKit is there to ensure your loyalty program runs smoothly. Our platform allows you to create a connected customer experience across online and offline channels. How is that possible?

We leverage Apple Wallet and Google Pay to bridge the gap between customers’ online and offline experiences. Customers access their mobile wallets to register a new purchase, regardless of where they made it. You don’t have to build a custom app or use design services.

They can find each transaction, point, or reward in one place. There’s no fear of losing physical custom loyalty cards or missing out on benefits.

Online or offline, your customer gets to choose. We’re here to help you support their journey when they visit your hotel, restaurant, cafe, or store.

4 helpful stats and facts about loyalty business cards

Here are a few statistics that prove how vital loyalty business cards are:

Let’s see why custom loyalty cards retain consumers.

11 reasons why loyalty business cards stop your customers from leaving

Loyalty business cards trigger all sorts of positive emotions in customers. They also give them benefits no one wants to miss out on. Here is why consumers favor loyalty programs in more detail.

1. Customers feel appreciated

According to Forrester, this is what you should make a consumer feel if you want to win customer loyalty:

  • Appreciated
  • Valued
  • Respected

Custom loyalty cards are an effective way to achieve that.

Imagine it from your perspective. Let’s say you made the first order at two restaurants in two days. The first restaurant just thanked you for your custom order, while the other asked you to create an account to take advantage of their loyalty program.

A few days later, the second restaurant sends you an email instructing you to use a code in a store or on their website to receive a discount. Wouldn’t that make you feel appreciated? 

2. Customers become a part of a community

Community is the backbone of any brand. It causes people to get a sense of belonging. They get to be part of a group that gathers individuals with similar tastes and interests. They all share the same characteristic—they belong to your loyalty program.

Having an active community ensures you strengthen the connection and relationship with loyal customers as well. It draws them closer and makes them forget about abandoning your brand.

3. Customers can earn points or rewards for activities they already do

Whether in-store or online, there are many brands we visit to buy products or services. The brands that stand out are those that reward repeat customers.

Knowing they will earn points or rewards when doing their nails, drinking their favorite coffee, or traveling by air satisfies customers. It encourages them to return and use discounts or vouchers at your company.

4. Customers can save money

What’s better than buying your favorite product? Purchasing it at a lower price.

Being a custom loyalty card holder helps consumers save money. They are only a few purchases away from special offers that decrease the price of a product. The beauty of loyalty business cards is that they guarantee consumers they will receive benefits.

5. Customers can get free items

Businesses come up with different loyalty card perks. Most of them decide to give free things to shoppers. Limited-edition products, bestsellers, or themed items are what they usually hand out.

You can offer free items regardless of the industry you are in. For instance, if you run coffee shops, you can provide a free beverage of choice after every fifth purchase. Consumers will visit your cafe instead of a competitor’s.

You need a reliable digital loyalty platform for this. PassKit integrates with POS and CRM. You can plug our software into your business processes, create custom loyalty cards, and start giving rewards to consumers!

Sign up today and introduce and customize a loyalty program for your customers with PassKit!

6. Customers can get exclusive access to sales and promotions

Consumers favor loyalty business cards because they gain access to exclusive deals. It is your job to devise offers that are only available to members. Having a chance to use a special code or buy sale products can encourage them to sign up.

7. Customers can get early access to new products

Do you plan to release new products? Send invitations to members to try them out first. Registering a loyalty card online or scanning it at a shop will give them a special present they won’t likely forget soon.

8. Customers can get personalized service

PassKit gathers and tracks loyalty program data and provides information on redemption rates. Our analytics tells you everything you need to know to deliver a personalized customer experience.

For instance, you want to target pizza lovers with an offer to increase sales at your restaurant. However, you don’t have data to segment the group. You send the promotion to everyone, including those who dislike pizza.

You can avoid this mistake and create tailored promotions thanks to a loyalty card, customer data, and customer segmentation.

9. Customers can get thank-you gifts

Ensure your loyalty card members receive thank-you gifts. They will then know that joining the program was an intelligent decision. You can send them a link to sign up for a thank-you gift or give them one whenever they use the card. 

10. Customers can get birthday gifts

Consumers can add their birth date while creating an account in-person or online. Most brands opt to send a special gift to show they think of customers on their special day. For instance, you can offer a $10 voucher off their next purchase. Or you can have a product waiting for them free of charge. If customers don’t leave this information, you can learn how to find birthdates on LinkedIn.

11. Customers can refer friends and family and get rewards

Over 70% of customers recommend a company with a good loyalty program. They know the membership benefits and want their friends and family to take advantage of them. A loyalty card is a powerful tool. It can even help you decrease customer acquisition costs.

Let’s now see why you should include loyalty business cards in your sales strategy.

15 reasons to include loyalty business cards in your sales strategy

We have prepared 15 reasons to show you that you need to include loyalty business cards in your sales strategy. Let’s discuss each of them.

1. They are easy to implement

PassKit loyalty business cards design

One of the benefits of loyalty business cards is the fact that any business can implement them. You don’t have to be tech-savvy to launch a loyalty program. It only takes a few clicks to create it if you use PassKit.

There is no need to include professional designers in the process. We offer different loyalty card templates and color pallets to help you create an eye-catching design aligned with your branding.

We know the importance of loyalty cards for business, and we’re here to help you make the process easier.

2. They have a positive impact on the environment

loyalty business cards examples

It’s time to ditch paper loyalty cards or extra thick plastic ones with rounded corners. Your business should try to reduce the environmental impact of these cards. Many customers will be grateful for your commitment.

What can you do? Go digital! According to Statista, there are over six billion smartphone users. Consumers use mobile devices for various actions, including paying in a store, salon, gym, or restaurant.

PassKit knows how vital smartphones are today. That’s why we can help you launch loyalty cards that customers can access on their mobile phones.

The use of Apple Wallet and Google Pay is increasing. Contactless shopping is the new normal now. You can jump on this trend with PassKit.

Our platform offers two designs—for Apple and Google. You can see how the card will look on each mobile wallet. Make as many changes as you like and embrace the digital.

3. You can remind customers of your existence

loyalty business cards location based reminder

Sometimes, consumers might forget about your company because they have too much on their plate. You should find a way to remind them of your existence and why they favor your brand.

For instance, PassKit comes with location-based reminders. You can send notifications to consumers about their loyalty cards or coupons when near your store, gym, coffee shop, or salon. 

Our platform combines mobile advertising and location data to send location-based reminders. Start a 45-day free trial to see this in action. You can even use SMS marketing to distribute cards on this channel. 

4. Customers can enjoy convenient and hassle-free transactions

loyalty business cards mobile payments

Loyalty business cards introduce a convenient and hassle-free way to register transactions. Your employees don’t have to write anything down, and customers don’t need to save their receipts. Everything is available on their loyalty cards.

All of this is much easier with a digital loyalty solution like PassKit. Customers don’t have to download another app on their phones to earn points or rewards. They only open their chosen mobile wallet to register a purchase.

5. It makes it easy for customers to track their loyalty points

Most of us can’t remember the number of points we have, so we need a convenient way to track loyalty points and rewards. 

Customers are only one click away from discovering their loyalty points or rewards with PassKit. They can open their membership card, and all information will be available. They don’t have to go to your store or salon to find out about their current balance.

PassKit makes things efficient and easy!

6. You can track customer spending patterns

PassKit loyalty business cards performance

Loyalty business cards help you gather various data, such as customer spending patterns and preferences. It enables you to deliver a personalized customer experience. As a result, you can build stronger relationships with consumers and cater to their needs.

PassKit enables you to track spending patterns. Our analytics provides data on the number of installs, enrolled members, uninstalls, and deleted members. 

You can also monitor the performance of your loyalty program over time, learn which mobile wallets customers use the most, and which distribution channel brings in new members.

Use this insight to make better decisions and give customers what they want.

7. You can start with more effective marketing

loyalty business cards email distribution

A loyalty program attracts repeat visitors, establishes stronger relationships, and increases customer engagement. How? It gives you a chance to improve your marketing efforts.

Marketing is much more effective when it is data-driven. Knowing your audience tells you how and where your customers want to interact with your brand.

For instance, PassKit comes with a multichannel distribution feature. We ensure you reach customers on multiple marketing channels.

Leveraging only one channel won’t get you the results you need. However, you can interact with more consumers by using channels like social media, SMS, NFC payment, or email to improve your results.

8. You can improve data collection

PassKit mobile wallets analytics

Loyalty business cards gather data from numerous brand touchpoints. It gives you a clear picture of your customers, habits, and preferences.

However, collecting data on your own is time-consuming and complex.

That’s why companies choose PassKit. You only need to subscribe, create a loyalty program, add your own logo, choose the card design, and distribute your card, and our analytics tool will start collecting the data for you.

9. You can identify VIP customers and offer them exclusive benefits

loyalty business card example

Do you have customers who spend more than the others at your business? You should upgrade them to VIP status and send exclusive benefits. They will see you appreciate them and might spend even more.

You can target these customers with PassKit. Ping them whenever they are in the vicinity of your business. They can see what exclusive offer you’ve prepared for them, and they will come rushing!

10. You can create a database of loyal customers 

Marketing and advertising departments rely on customer lists to send targeted messages and ads. Loyalty business cards collect all contact information in one place. 

It helps marketers and advertisers create distribution lists with people to promote products or services in the future.

For instance, PassKit can help you with email marketing. You can adjust your message to different audience segments and encourage more people to download your digital passes using QR codes.

11. You can personalize your approach

loyalty business card design

According to research, over 70% of customers want to buy from companies that offer personalized online experiences. Personalization is now the way to go.

We at PassKit know how crucial it is to include personalization. That is why each member submits their personal information. They can add birthdays, full names, email addresses—everything you need to personalize your marketing efforts.

12. You can increase word-of-mouth marketing

Word-of-mouth marketing helps you build trust and integrity. If you have a successful loyalty program, more and more consumers will recommend it to their families and friends. Put your customers first and include offers and deals that make your program stand out.

13. You can improve customer service and address concerns promptly

The quality of customer service you receive tells you all about a company. Only one interaction is enough to conclude whether or not a business cares about you.

Having a loyalty program helps you improve customer support. You get to interact with consumers frequently and learn what kind of concerns they have.

14. You can reduce customer churn

PassKit loyalty program data

Customer churn represents the number of customers who abandon your business within a period. Keeping track of this metric is important because it helps you retain customers.

Once you create a loyalty program with PassKit, you can track customer churn. Our analytics tells you how many people uninstalled the app from their wallets. You can then figure out what you can do to attract them to your business.

15. You can improve your ROI

A loyalty card is quite effective. It can make customers buy an item if they get a good deal, reward, or discount. As a result, your sales increase.

How to start with loyalty business cards

Loyalty business cards are a powerful tool to include in your sales and marketing strategy. They can influence purchasing decisions and make consumers more loyal to your business.

PassKit is an easy-to-use digital loyalty platform that helps you create a loyalty program in the blink of an eye without design or coding skills. You can share offers, give rewards, track metrics and distribute your program across numerous channels – all for an affordable monthly fee.

Start your 45-day free trial now.

FAQ about loyalty business cards

Let’s answer the most frequently asked questions.

What is a loyalty card in business?

A loyalty card is incentive companies give customers to purchase products at a lower price, collect points and enjoy free items.

Are loyalty cards effective?

Yes, they are! Loyalty cards can influence a consumer’s purchasing decision, make them more loyal, and encourage them to recommend your business to others.

What are the disadvantages of loyalty cards?

There are no disadvantages to loyalty cards. You need to use a digital loyalty platform like PassKit to create loyalty cards quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively.

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